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"Every time I read one of these lessons it convicts me, gives me peace, and makes me hunger for God even more!" ~Elizabeth in Oregon


"Since I have been on my journey, I have had more women put into my path that are also have marriage problems. I am so thankful, that these women only came into my path (on a personal level) after I had read the RYM and WW books and these lessons. I had sought God and His Word and now He has given me wisdom to share what I have learned with others!"
Connie in Canada (who just applied for our RMIOU Minister in Training program.) 

Please note: This is the second or secondary course required as RMIOU Student. For more information visit our RMIOU Campus.

 RENEWING Your Mind    

Week 1 

"Securing YOUR Success"

PLEASE NOTE: We get reviews and thank you emails from women every day. We purposely do NOT post them because we would rather you hear the Lord and follow Him, not base your decisions to take our courses based on the opinions of others. However, like most of us we want to make sure it's worth our time. We hope that the few (and certainly not the most praiseworthy) we've posted below will help you decide. ~ RMIEW


Sunday: INTRO

Establishing Strong & Lasting Relationships

"I thought this lesson was very practical, and I appreciated that it was based on real life experience rather than theory. I liked reading the testimonies, they brought the lesson to life! The lesson helped me understand why it's so important to completely let go of my husband, despite how I feel about wanting to speak with him. It was worth my time. I learned that separation gives my marriage time to heal. Although I want my husband to return home, I was glad to learn that healing is taking place while he is away. The wounds in our marriage needed to heal." ~Carole

Monday: SECURING YOUR SUCCESS 1: "Phones, Texting & Voicemail"

This was a great lesson. I learned practical ideas that I can apply, to not only my marriage relationship, but also with my children, my mom, etc. I have always been a bit of a smart mouth. I am being convicted in many ways about controlling my tongue. This lesson gave my practical ideas to keep myself in check. I remind myself over and over that a quiet and gentle spirit is precious to the Lord, even when I'm just thinking to myself. I ask God to help me be precious to Him by my words and thoughts.

~Lisa in California

Tuesday: SECURING YOUR SUCCESS 2: "Worst Case Scenario"

"This was a awesome lesson, because it really had me thinking in a way I had not thought before. This lesson was absolutely worth the time, as it revealed hidden, buried feelings. I learned what my true desires and wants are for my life with the lord. This lesson helped me to realize what will be best for myself and children in the years to come and how important the lord should be in our lives." ~Marina in Illinois

Wednesday: SECURING YOUR SUCCESS 3: "Moving On"

"I cannot say it enough—each of these lessons are totally worth my time." ~Elizabeth in Oregon

"This main point I learned is how much I am now wanting Him [the Lord] to be first in my life, which is obviously the most important thing. However, this lesson brought to light another very good reason to keep my mouth shut!:) I hadnt really looked at it from the perspective of when I tell too much of how I will be carrying other people through the journey with me, which will wear me down. This is so true!" ~Sabrina in Texas

"It wasn't until I had re-read the books and done some of the RRR lessons on the website, that I understood that I was to keep silent about hoping for restoration. Letting people in on this "secret" could get back to my husband (which it likely did) and make him retreat even further!" ~Connie in Canada


Thursday: SECURING YOUR SUCCESS 4: "Three Keys to Restoration"

"When this all began, I thought I needed counseling because, according to my husband he was leaving me as I was too negative. I had to pay out of pocket. The prices are outrageous! I went 3 or 4 times in 3 months and she even dropped her fees down to $45.00. I could not even afford that! Hehe. Now  I know God is the only one who can change me, not a counselor, nor anyone else!" ~Kim in California


Friday: SECURING YOUR SUCCESS 5: "Special Message to Ministers"

"It was like God answered me and turned on a light in my mind and heart.  It gave me hope again, right when I was starting loosing my hope and little faith that I was building.  It showed me how wrong it is to be bitter, angry and giving up.  It made me rethink my ways and turn back to the Lord again, to not give up and understand that this is a spiritual battle, that I must not give up.  Not let satan defeat me as it seems he has already defeated my husband.  To understand that I really have to pray harder and trust that God doesn't want to punish me with this trial, but to make me stronger to really seek Him, especially now when my husband is deploying in a few weeks, and like me his is going to need God." ~Cristina, Romanian

"Erin's advice in this lesson about not being able to share or help before they are ready is so true. In the beginning, I tried to share what I had learned with my sister, and it almost derailed me, because she still has so much anger." ~Connie in Canada

Saturday & Sunday: Be Encouraged CLASSIC eVideo 1 & 2

"Let me start by say hallelujah to the most high. This renewed my mind by learning to seek god and not my friends. This has truly effected me because I start by seeking else where.

The video was on point. This is how our god wants us to depend only on him. Was this worth it? Yes erin is showing us how to follow god. I discovery praising him by playing praise music. AWESOME." ~Sabrina in Georgia NOW RESTORED.

"I am so grateful to Erin for being so honest in sharing her testimony and showing us the way. I admire her strength and her trust in God even when(like so many of our situations), it looked as if her marriage was too hopeless to ever change. This video re-enforced the principles of letting go completely of my FH and relying solely on God to strengthen me and prepare me for my marriage to be restored." ~Sherri in Texas



Week 2

"Tough Questions"

You'll Get a Specific Lesson
Based on your Marital Status  


"This lesson has made me think of how destructive I was during our marriage and how far I let it go before realizing God wants this! It's not too late, but I wish I didn't let it get this far!" ~Yvonne in Florida


"This lesson was very interesting and realistic. The testimonies give a better idea of the way God can work and even if I made some mistakes He can work. Since reading this lesson, I applied some of the principles and now I feel I trust God more and more, even if I feel sometimes so desperate and ridiculous." ~Brigette in West Indies

Never Legally Married

"These lessons are always worth my time and I just loved the part that when you totally belong to the Lord it protects you from being abused, which is going to help me to constantly focus on the Lord and not my fiancée any more." ~Gloria in Spain

A Divorce was Filed

"It has taken me 4 days to send in my response because I needed to go over this lesson again for a few times. I am having my eyes opened in ways I never imagined. A lot of these lessons caused fear for me initially, but because of God working in my life in ways I have never imagined, I am reading and rereading and pondering and praying and seeking Him to help me and guide me through this restoration process finally finding peace." ~Lisa in California


"Overall, I thought the lesson was great and was definitely worth my time! I learned things I didn't know before, one of which was how God desires to give me a make-over before He will reveal me to my ex-husband, and that while He is making me over, He will be faithfully turning that OW into bitter-wormwood. Before this lesson, I was really afraid that perhaps my case was hopeless, since it has been so long and I have made so many mistakes, but now I realize that it is never too late to change and allow God to make me into a NEW woman, a woman that my husband and children will actually WANT to be around." ~Janet in Texas

Husband Remarried

"This lesson was great and I only wish that I had read these principles before our divorce and his remarriage went through. I only came to hear about your website after my divorce went through. I was stubborn and full of pride. I actually challenged him to go ahead and do it! I was so full of anger that I goaded him and pushed him to complete the processing! I still need to work on having a quiet and less contentious spirit as my ex still sees me as being very strong willed and opinionated about everything. I confess that I did not wait to hear God's will. Out of anger I pushed my ex to proceed with the everything. I even called the other woman to tell her she must get him to move with proceedings!! I did not wait on the Lord or leave things in His hands." ~Julie in Kansas

Tuesday: Crisis Corner

"I loved this lesson!!! I learned that I need to run to Him.  Thank you for making that so clear! I'll try to do it every single time during the day.
I learned to keep trusting Him, even though sometimes I feel so hopeless, but reading this lesson you emailed to us, makes me have hope again, and now when I feel down, I am trying to go to Him. Thank you again for these lesson, they are saving my life!" ~Carolina in Canada


Wednesday: Assurance Protection

"In this lesson I learned the importance of tithing and why I should joyfully tithe to the Lord. I also learned that not tithing opened up the door to allow the enemy to come into my home and rob me of my marriage and family. I had no clue or any idea that not tithing led to such destruction. It is such a crime against God that our churches are not teaching this vital principle to its parishioners. As I come to learn all these new principles, I can see why marriages are doomed and now understand just how much the enemy hates anyone and anything having to do with God's favour upon His children." ~Julie in Ohio

Thursday: Your Storehouse

"Since I started tithing to my storehouse, I've been receiving so many unexpected blessings! The lesson confirmed to me that I should be tithing to the storehouse that feeds me spiritually. This lesson also confirmed how important it is to give back to the Lord. A lot of times I get so wrapped up in trying to save money that I forget to think about giving back to the lord." ~Beata in Illinois

"Hmm... who knew there was so much to learn about tithes and offerings! I really enjoyed the lesson and testimonies! This lesson once again was packed full of so much knowledge that had never been clarified for me before. I never really new the difference between a tithe and an offering." ~Sabrina in Texas

"Before I sat to do this lesson review, I read a devotional that I have from a phone application and God definitely was speaking to me. Which I am ever so grateful for. The cool thing was that the devotional was about tithing and bringing the tithe into the store house from Malachi 3. I learned that my storehouse is to be the place where I am getting fed spiritually." ~Lisa in New Jersey

Friday: Husbands vs Tithing vs Offerings

"I think what touched my heart the most in this lesson, is the fact that I should no longer be a baby Christian. I should be feeding on solid spiritual food and I should be feeding others. You will not believe how many women around me are either separated, talking divorce or simply unhappy in their marriages. I have asked God to lead me as to how to assist them. I have shared one of the RMI books with one of them. I have discovered how hard it is to start talking to women when they do not really know the Lord nor the word. Their pastors have even encouraged them saying that they have probably done enough! This saddens me and I long to be so spiritually strong to work in this field, in order to stop what satan is doing to families the world over!" ~Chantal in South Africa


Saturday & Sunday: 

Be Encouraged CLASSIC eVideos 3 & 4

"Erin's story is just SO GOOD, it's HELPS so much to be reminded that there are days when tears and broken heart will appear but doesn't have to overwhelm us, Keeping what the Lord said to us in his Word will see us through. Amazing videos!!! ~ Sony in California

"I loved when Erin reminded me that prayers are answered in God's way, and not our way. He answers prayers with yes, no or wait. Sometimes the answer is no because it is better in our current situation and He is preparing us for a greater/new thing later down the road. What I also loved and what I will remember is to always look at my situations, especially when I am facing trials, from ABOVE and praise God for it. Erin's right, there is ALWAYS a blessing in every trial/cloud and if I continued to look at it in earthly terms, I will always be miserable and won't experience peace and happiness." ~Trace in New York


Week 3


Monday: The Freedom of Letting Go

"Just reread this for the 3rd time and I'll probably reread it several more times. I think really letting go has been my problem for the past 4 years!" ~Emily in California

"This lesson was helpful, because it reinforced the importance of letting go and how God will respond. I learned that letting go isn't just a physical act, but is also a "heart" act." ~Carol in New York

"This is one of my favorite lessons!!! This lesson is so life changing" ~Linda in Washington

"Wow, I cant believe how my mind has been working overtime regarding letting go of my husband and what he is or isn't doing. I said to myself how can I possibly grow in my relationship with the Lord with all this baggage. This lesson has confirmed for me that if I DON'T just let go and give it all to Him, I'll miss all the wonderful BLESSINGS my Lord has in store for me, including a restored marriage that He has promised for me!" ~Marina in Illinois

Tuesday: Dealing with Husband Adultery

"Wow! These lessons are just what God wants me to hear. I am gaining JOY instead of mourning!" ~Oregon

"This was a great lesson and not something I ever thought of until now: committing spiritual adultery. When things started to fall apart, Jesus saved me, but then I expected Him to work with me on restoring my marriage instead of me working with Him -- I wasn't putting Him FIRST in my life instead of my husband. For about 6-8 months, I just *KNEW* that God would intervene but when He didn't, I tried to fix things myself (again) and of course, it made things worse!! God finally got a hold of me one day and I'm in the process of totally surrendering to Him. This is the hardest part! I'm praying that God gets me to that place of loving Him and only Him as my Lover, Husband and Father. I no longer want to long for my husband but love only Him with my whole heart. This has completely renewed my mind. I've realized that I need to Seek Him and ONLY Him as the Lover of my life. In fact, when my husband left me, I went out and bought my first bible. In this bible, I have notes and promises that God will restore my marriage but NONE that focus on my relationship with Him. I expected too much from Him without giving my all to Him. I'm on the hunt for the perfect new bible so I can start my journey over and focus on loving Him, and only Him." ~Becky in Texas

Wednesday: My Spiritual Leader

"God has used this lesson to open my eyes to how I was not allowing my husband to be the spiritual leader. I have been sharing from day one (5 years ago) all that the Lord is teaching me to my husband, mistake. Now my focus is on giving my books away to friends and I am praying that God will help me find the money so that I can buy all the books I can to give away. For the first time I have such peace about church."~Elizabeth in Oregon

Thursday: Spiritual Leader Part 2

"Wow, I learned a lot about making room and praying for my husband to be our family's spiritual leader! I was asking for my husband to go to counseling because thats what my pastor said was a requirement for him staying home. How wrong I was It made me look at our church differently and see how ignoring what my pastor was telling my is also sinning, by not obeying authority." ~Cathy in New Jersey

Friday: God's Makeover

"This lesson was practical and lays out the transformation process in a way that fills your heart with anticipation of what God is up to!" ~Joy in New York

"After my separation, I tried to have another relationship with a man, but God showed me that all is not true. I was a vulnerable woman, who had a big lack of love, so it was easy for a man to seduce me. So I stopped looking for love with another man. I prayed and asked God to forgive me, because I was not motivated. I realized how much I loved my new Husband who wants to give me a beautiful makeover. I have already lost 15 kilos [33 lbs.]. Now I realized how much I had forgotten God. Each time I want to give up, I stand up to go on with God!!" ~Brigette in French West Indies

Saturday & Sunday: Be Encouraged CLASSIC eVideo 

The video was invaluable!!!

It gave me the pitfalls of where I might go if I choose the wrong direction. This week I did feel like giving up and made me think twice about my addiction to my husband. I began to ask why would I am I trying so hard to get him back? He has done some things that honestly, I don't want to hear again or have repeated in my marriage. This video explains why I need to focus and give God time to work on him.


I now realize that telling people about what I am going through creates even more of a disaster. Also, I also realized that it was absolutely the wrong thing to tell my aging parents stuff that only made them worry and ultimately undermined our marriage. Erin has taught me that though my parents disagree, I need to just take it to the Lord instead and see what happens. This behavior of mine ended my marriage. I was sick of it and wanted out...but realized after that the marriage was attended by God and I should have respected what He taught all along (but I didn't know what He taught)...now I do.


Week 4

"Transforming Solutions"

Monday: Wedding Rings

"This lesson was so insightful and I enjoyed it so much. I wrestled with this issue for almost a year and God clearly told me that I was to leave my ring on because I made a covenant to Him and I haven't broken it. So, now after reading this lesson, I feel secure on this issue. Thank you! I have been so blessed by all these lessons. In such a short time, God has done such amazing things in my heart. I am in awe! I have been able to let go and for the first time I have had peace that passes understanding. I now feel like I am under God's wing. So many of the scriptures in these lessons and the books are coming alive for me!!! The more real God's presence and peace are becoming, the the more of God I want. My husband was so much a focus of my world. I can honestly say he is no longer the priority—I want God, I want more of Him!!" ~Lisa in California

Tuesday: What's Wrong with COUNSELING

"This was a great lesson. I'm truthfully still trying to digest it all. All I can say is that everything was pretty much new information to me besides what little bit of it I had been introduced to through this ministry. It honestly made me a bit sad as I realize how much we all are are perishing for lack of HIS knowledge. I'm a college educated Christian.....but man am I dumb!:) Thankfully I found someone to feed me the knowledge that is God's and it is true!!!" ~Sabrina in Texas

"Before I linked up with RMI I stopped going for counseling and the kids stopped going as well, I can personally say that the initial marriage Counseling we had, drove my husband further away! I can truly say that the empty feeling I had was never filled until now." ~Chantal in South Africa

"Loved this lesson because I know for a fact that it's the truth. I used to work for psychologists at once stage and I really am disgusted by the means and measure they use to con people." ~Hilary in South Africa

Wednesday: Mixing Methods and STANDERS Ministries

"This lesson was so worth my time... it was an answer to prayer!!!! Thank you Lord! I was so desperate to find help when all this started. I found your website and a "standers" site.  I would read from it and I would say to to the Lord I'm am so confused because I understand both sites but they do things very differently and I only want what you, Lord, want for me. I had a BIG question which I needed answered (I felt I knew in my heart.) You confirmed that for me.  What God said and since then I have only studied your site for wisdom.  I believe the Lord let me see that what you say "He is the only thing that we need in our lives" is the right way and because the peace I have received from this is wonderful revelation! i am not fighting my emotions anymore or being torn apart.  I have found what you teach to be so encouraging to me and that of the stander site to be more depressing. Thank you for allowing me to stay with you even though I started with a different ministry site." ~Sherry in Arizona

Thursday: Sow and Reap

"Thank you so much for sharing these important things in this and every lesson. This lesson particularly changed my life. I am so different from who I was. I can only look with disgust to the person I was.. I was in a difficult marriage. And even though we became Christians, my former husband had been a Muslim! I was only focused on my former husband and his faults and how I had such a bad husband. Coming to this ministry opened my eyes to the awful wife I was and understanding the principles of sowing and reaping. The greatest thing is that i learned is that Jesus wants to be my Husband and He is the greatest Husband and I never want to lose Him." ~ Christine in the Netherlands

Friday: Be Encouraged CLASSIC eVideo 4

I listened to these videos nonstop!! With these tapes, along with the reinforcement of all of the principles in from RYM: all the books book and especially A Wise Woman workbook, I was finally able to let go of the situation and let God do it for me. And He did!!! Kelly, RESTORED in Kentucky

These videos did exactly what they said—they encouraged me! I believed that my husband still loved me but that it was buried deep inside and would one day blossom. Those tapes kept me going. They taught me how to love my husband and give to him unconditionally with love. Bridgette,* RESTORED in Louisiana


Saturday & Sunday: Refresh or Rebuild? 

Since it’s YOUR future that’s at stake, we believe YOU should be given the choice to move on or refresh your mind by going through the sake course again. Most importantly, don't rush and get ahead of the Lord.

"Though I have become a completely new person in every way, I agree that it would benefit me more to go through the course again. Thank you for your encouragement and these lessons.  Every single, divorced or married woman should take this course!" ~Sabrina in Georgia NOW RESTORED

"Thank you for promoting me on to rebuilding! I really feel I am ready this time and am excited to build on what I have already learned from going through the renew course twice. I find myself daily practicing what I learned from renewing my mind, that has made me Restoration Journey pleasant and no long painful!! Bless you all for your love and dedication." ~Lisa in New Jersey

If YOU are READY to RENEW Your  Mind—