30-Days to Hope

Overview and Reviews for 
Our 30-Day RYM "At Last There's Hope" 


30-Day "Restore My Marriage" Restoration Journey

HOPE at Last!!

Even if your marriage is in trouble,

Even if everyone telling you it's hopeless

Even if it has already ended in divorce

YES, there is really HOPE for YOUR marriage!


Please note: This is the primary or first course required as RMIOU Student. For more information visit our RMIOU Campus.

To get you started, you'll be introduced to Michelle and one of our most amazing Restored Marriage Testimonies! "He Called Me Beautiful"!


Week 1

This course is unique because it takes ONE chapter to study, while beginning with the foundation of Restored Testimonies to lay a foundation of FAITH in God's ability to restore even the most hopeless. Having a dose of both daily for 17 straight days is changing LIVES! Just read the testimonies below!


** PLEASE NOTE: We get REVIEWS and thank you emails from women every day. We purposely do NOT post them because we would rather you hear the Lord and follow Him, not base your decisions to take our courses based on the opinions of others. However, like most of us we want to make sure it's worth our time. We hope that the few (and certainly not the most praiseworthy) we've posted below will help you decide.

I finished my last RRR course. I never could have imagined the way my life would turn out when I first started here. Though it all happened in just a span of 4 months, it honestly felt more like years because of everything I experienced with Him. 

I can’t help but share this quote “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” In a way, my journey started with taking that first step of acknowledging that I cannot face this trial on my own-- I need the Lord in my life. It was finally accepting that I couldn’t continue to run away from Him. I needed to run TO Him. 

I will forever be grateful for Our journey together. I will praise His name as long as I live!!! I look back to where I was when my life fell apart. It feels like a lifetime ago. I could clearly see myself crying out in sorrow and He took my hand and guided me to where We are now, a new person in Him, stronger and wiser because of Him and through Him. Full of hope, filled with His joy and smiling at the future ahead with Him. What a mighty God we serve!!!

I am so thankful for the courses offered to us here, the lessons forms we pour our hearts out to everyday. It guided me and helped me so much to grow in the Lord. Through His truths that I am learning and applying in my life, He has been blessing me with more than I could ever have imagined! Lord thank You!!

The most incredible thing that I am taking away from this RJ is the intimate relationship I am now blessed to have with my Lord, my Husband. It is honestly the best thing that ever happened to me. The truths, wisdom and understanding I gained from finding the One whom my soul loves set me free and changed my life. I will keep them hidden in my heart as I continue to rebuild my life on His rock and move on in this journey that will last a lifetime.

I would not be here without the Lord. I am here because of Him. I am thankful I finally understand that everything that happened in my life was in His will to bring me to where I am at this moment and He is working all things together for my good, for all our good. It is so freeing to look at life now knowing He is with me always and I do not have to be afraid. 

Whatever may happen in the future and the trials that will come, I can rest knowing I am not alone and He will deliver me as I look to Him and trust in Him. 

In Strong’s Concordance, deliver is yasha’ (H3467) in Hebrew meaning to save, be saved, to save from moral troubles, give victory to.

With the Lord on our side, what can flesh do against us?

All praise, honor and glory are His for everything that He has done in my life. For all the blessings He showered me with. For all the trials He brought me through that strengthen my faith and brought us closer together. For all His truths He taught me that opened my eyes and set me free. For the comfort He has lovingly given me that I am now learning to give to others, focusing on others instead of myself. Lord thank You so much for everything!!

He is so worthy to be praised!!! He loves us so much that He brought this trial into our lives because He wants us to have His best!! I know that I couldn’t see this in the beginning because I wouldn’t let go and let God. I am so thankful that I finally let go and run after the Lord, my Husband. And He guided me to this place where I can now say He is all I need, He is all I want, He is all I live for!! My Shepherd, thank You so much for everything!! 

I am excited for the future and the next chapter of Our journey!! I feel so alive!! The worries of the world and fears of what-if’s doesn’t have any hold on me anymore. Lord thank You for teaching me to trust in You and surrendering everything to You. It so amazing to go through life, not worrying about anything, but trusting in the Lord with all my heart and leaning not on my own understanding. To walk by faith and not by sight. To know the living God who loves us so much more than anyone ever could. Wow. We are so blessed!!! I love You Lord!! Thank You for Your amazing grace, Your faithfulness, Your mercy, Your goodness and Your love that never fails. Praise the Lord!!!

~ Joy in Nevada


Monday RYM: Chapter 1 "My Beloved"

The way this chapter was PACKED with scripture to guide me on doing my part to restore my marriage with God was awesome. I tried to restore things my way and have failed miserably, if not making matters worse. I have a renewed attitude towards my situation. I start each day now thanking God for what He has and will do in my life, as well as asking him to change me into the wife, and woman He wants me to be. I refer to this chapter often even after reading it through many times. And the restoration stories have helped me soooo much, especially when God sends other women my way to help them in their journey towards their restoration.  

~ Shana in Louisiana

Tuesday RYM: Chapter 2 "Potter & Clay"

This chapter and entire books has been the most powerful resource i have gotten my hands on. I wish I had this book and read this chapter years ago. I had been struggling in a very dysfunctional marriage for years. i always blamed my husband for his lack of love, coldness, indifference and criticism. Through studying this chapter I realized my sins were just as bad, contentious, outburst, jealousy, anger, resentment and most of all bitterness. Had I known all of this before, I could have learned how to be a submissive wife, lovable, kind, meek, humble I would not be in this situation right now. I have asked god to forgive me as I have my husband, now i am in a long journey of restoration. Many times I have felt like giving up. But this entire book, studied one chapter at a time, has given me the strength to push forward and believe that God can and will restore my marriage, I believe that soon enough I will also be in your book of testimonies, which helped give me the faith I lacked! Now I'm giving God thanks, the honor, the glory of what He has done for my marriage. Amen!  

~ Brenda in Massachusetts

Wednesday RYM: Chapter 3 "Have Faith"

First, I have to thank your partners so much for providing the books and courses for free. I had actually seen and ordered this book from Amazon, and now to have a course devoted to it is a dream come true! Yes, now I have faith because instead of reading the testimonies through so quickly, having them to read daily is just so very powerful and encouraging. I have been under extreme attack from the enemy with regard to my marriage and now am encouraged to go on!  

~ Jeanne in Kansas

Thursday RYM: Chapter 4 "Various Trials"

This chapter was a true gift! I would like to give thanks for your support to me and showing me so much love during this course. Sometimes when you don't know how to love anyone any more, and just one person shows you that love is a gift to give and that is just what you have given me. A gift and the love came with it thanks for all you've done. The trials continue but I know I am not alone and also have this chapter to guide me.  

~ Sabrina in Georgia

Re-reading Various Trials has brought back to my attention the fact that I am putting too much focus on my problems and not spending enough time focusing on the Lord. This morning after I read the chapter and also read an Encourager, it was apparent to me that God has allowed these trials for my good and that it was a result of my sin. I have been blaming everyone and everything else on my problems, but it was humbling to be remind that the problems I am experiencing could have been the result of my own sin and also Satan demanding to sift me like wheat. I have been blind to my own sins and you would think that after being in the ministry for almost 7 years I would be beyond making this mistake, but I am not.  

~ Chasity in Texas

Friday RYM: Chapter 5 "Your First Love"

When I read this book I began to feel so good because I began to realize that there really is hope and if God restored the marriages in the testimonies you give us each day, then He will definitely restore mine. To God be the Glory! I thank God for leading me to your website Erin and I thank him for the knowledge and understanding each new chapter we study gives me! Others were telling me that there was no hope and to move on, but I truly believe that my suddenly will happen in God’s time. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!  

~ Denitra in Alabama

Saturday: Be Encouraged eVideos 1

"Honestly, so far on this Restoration Journey, I have more or less been doing it half-heartedly, almost like it was an "assignment" from the Lord that I had to complete to "graduate", but from this video series, God has done a mighty, mighty work in my heart and FILLED it with renewed hope, love, and EXPECTANCY in my restoration journey!! No longer do I have any fear of "what if" but I truly believe with all my heart that restoration WILL happen and I believe it will happen SOON! Not for ME, but for so many who will be saved by our testimony!"

~ Tiffany in Texas

Sunday: Be Encouraged eVideos 2

"Receiving this sweet and loving gift from RMI to go along with the lessons was a godsend in my life!! It renewed my spirit to hear Erin's voice talking about her experiences and to share with us that she KNOWS what we are going through. For me, that I know none personally who have ever had a restored marriage, nor even people that would fight for their marriage should they be in the same position, having her share and encourage us, to direct us to the Bible and to keep our eyes and hearts to our Lord and Savior is indeed the encouragement I need. I would be lost and still making huge mistakes without this ministry. I have truly been blessed by my Lord for He lead me here"

~ Kim in California


Week 2


Monday RYM: Chapter 6 "Contentious Woman"

The it sounds crazy this chapter is awesome, the entire book is awesome!!! Once I ordered the book after visiting the website, I could not wait to receive it. Once I retrieved the book online I instantly began reading the book. The information was very informative and helpful. But since taking this course I have learned so much more from this book. I had already been praying to God for more wisdom and knowledge and this course was the answer. I completed the book in one day because once I began reading the book I just could not stop reading. But it was when I studied this chapter that I learned that I was a contentious wife. But then you didn't stop but taught us and I learned how to win my husband without a word. Before I took this course, I always thought I had to say something to my husband, but I now know better and I just thank God for hearing my prayer. The principles in the chapter really hit home and I realized that I truly needed God to change me and make me over. Yes, I cried and asked God for forgiveness as I read it again and again because I was so lost not knowing that I was headed for destruction. I have begun to apply the principles from this (and every chapter) in my life and I have to tell you that I am amazed. God is awesome!!! This entire course has taught me not to run to my husband or others but to run and cry out to God because he truly is my source. I have learned to lean, trust, and depend on God for everything. I love the fact that every principle in this chapter and throughout book is backed up by scripture, therefore I know it is “God breathed and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience and for training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16)”. I would encourage anyone in a marriage crisis to get this book, sign up for your courses, and read through the lessons on a constant basis... going from this course to the next and to the next! It has truly been the greatest blessing in my life ever, and a each chapter is something exciting to wake up to and is always a pleasure to read. I read this book over and over again, before this course, but now I know it much better and it's helped to guide me and help me be sure that I stay in the will of God. If you don’t have this book, get it in paperback and you'll enjoy this course even more! If you’re wondering whether you should get, don’t hesitate any longer because it's just the enemy keeping you from receiving the knowledge and understanding the God has for you! What can you buy that will change your life like this?  

~ Denitra in Alabama

Tuesday RYM: Chapter 7 "Kindness on Her Tongue"

This chapter is awesome! This book is awesome!! Everything that I have looked on the Internet is very discouraging. Most searches have to do with boyfriend breakups and relationships that are five years or less. Mine is 31 years! And they all say the same thing. Get over it. However, that is not God's word. Not for me. Not for you. No matter how we feel we can do what we need to do by studying this chapter and all this book to be sure that just like the testimonies we read everyday, my marriage will also be restored. Because of this course and these books, I will be the wife that not only my husband wants me to be, but the wife that God expects me to be. And it is all because God steered me towards this chapter, this book and this ministry. I'm excited and looking forward to the restoration of my marriage that all of you can read. Using the principles of this chapter especially , because it's all  scripture, I no longer am looking forward to putting my marriage back together and getting back to where we used to be. I am looking forward to a new and reborn marriage because this one chapter has changed me! This book is worth every single penny (and then some) so buy it in paperback and by a bunch to give out to everyone you know. Tell them about this course because the fact that it is based on scripture and not just someone's opinion is what won me over and will win others over too. If God is for us, who can be against us. No one that's who! Thank-you Jesus.  

~ Debbie in Florida

Wednesday RYM: Chapter 8 "Won Without a Word"

This book was a Godsend, but this chapter amazing! I've reviewed other restore marriage materials on the websites, but after I got this one I saw right away that it is Bible word based and not only answers questions that I've asked everyone, but it answers it based on God Word not on anyone opinion! This book, and especially this chapter, if you're really seeking to know what to do is better than someone putting a million dollars in your hand!! I would recommend this book, this course, and this ministry to everyone, especially to couples who are engaged to be married so that they will know what not to do to destroy their marriage like I destroyed mine.  

~ Carry in North Dakota


Thursday RYM: Chapter 9 "Gentle and Quiet Spirit"

I signed up for this course last week because I had come to a point in my life that there was a reason for my marriage not being restored even though I thought I was doing the right thing.  After beginning go through this book chapter by chapter, not only have I had to repent almost every day, every chapter, but especially Chapter No. 7 & 9.  I've had to read and re-read these Chapters/lessons to really see the error or my ways and to know how to change.  This book, which is backed up by the word of God is priceless to me. I would have paid hundreds or thousands yet you give it to us for free. Not only has everyday helped me to see the error of my ways, it speaks to what I did wrong and am doing wrong and gives the scripture referenced to back it up so I can renew my mind in the truth.  Most resources that I had bought, and I have bought dozens,  only told me to read and pray the word, which I did, until I couldn't pray any more. But this course has given me, the why's, why not's, when and what's.  And then keeps giving me testimonies to keep my faith up. My only regret is that I did not find this ministry sooner, didn't buy this book before I got married.  I believe this entire book and following the principles of God's word would have better prepared me to the be the Godly kind of wife I should have been and I would not have ended up with the heartaches that I have and caused everyone!  Thank you.  This book and ministry and your courses are each a Godsend.  

~ Mayra in Colombia

Friday RYM: Chapter 10 "He Turns the Heart"

I never thought I could be so wrong about what I was doing to try and get my husband back. This chapter has really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was doing when I should have left it to Him, which meant that I was out of the will of God and making my situation and marriage worse. Why didn't anyone tell me? This chapter and entire course has sent about a mighty conviction over me. I know now that my doing is not God's doing and I have to let His will be done and learn His word so I stop getting in His way and believing the lies everyone else believes that is destroying their marriage too. I really recommend that you take this course and read this book chapter by chapter. I'm starting over to read it again for the tenth time, and maybe sign up for the course again, just in case I missed something.  

~ Eylonda in Texas

Saturday: Be Encouraged eVideos 3

"When Erin said in this video that even though her husband said that he didn't love her, that she had to look beyond and to God's truth it helped me so much. It was so encouraging to hear her voice and to hear her say that she hurt too. I am so thankful that I am not walking down this path alone... Through these videos I know that God is helping me be content. I now feel if I have a restored marriage or even if my husband does divorced me, that I am able to trust God that I will not just be content but that I will be full of His joy!"

~ Elizabeth in Oregon

Sunday: Be Encouraged eVideos 4

"This series renewed my mind to let go, let go, let go, and that God can't do what He needs to do if we keep holding onto the very thing He is trying to fix. Holding someone back makes them come out fighting and this is not what we want and neither does God. Also how many of us just won't get out of the way as it says in 1 Corinthians 7:15 "If the unbeliever leaves let them because we are called to peace" and why we have no peace but fighting and husbands filing for divorce. This does not mean we get divorced, if we just get out of the way, it won't lead to divorce. This video effected my walk with God, because this is exactly what people were telling me to do. I didn't seek God about this, and I just didn't know. So my heart was crying and deep down it was saying don't do it, but I did anyway. This has affected me in so many ways and my walk with God, because of my disobedience before I listened to this video."

~ Sabrina in Georgia


Week 3


Monday RYM: Chapter 11 "For I Hate Divorce"

This chapter helped me to walk through the day of my divorce went through, and instead of fighting or being terrified, I was instead joyfully and without most of the fear I thought I would have felt. God completely took over, my husband and I spoke for three and a half hours outside the courtroom (we had not spoken for 2 years before that). HIS attorney offered to represent ME and I was able to agree with everything that my husband wanted. All of this because I read how women before me had walked the walk of righteousness and God had blessed them with peace and joy. So thank God for these testimonies!! I learnt how the path of no resistance when evil tries to destroy us is the path of tremendous blessing even though it makes no sense to the world or even to the church. I am deeply indebted and grateful to Erin and the testimonies of women who contributed to the pages of this chapter. From that day to this I have been living in a state of a 'fallen hate wall'. True, though divorced my husband is not angry and visits all the time!! I want to encourage others that God is real and His word is truth - 'Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean NOT to thy own understanding, In ALL thy ways acknowledge Him and He SHALL direct thy path' Prov 3:5,6

~ Sharon in Barbados

Tuesday RYM: Chapter 12 "Seeking God"

Well every time I would get down, I'd find myself reading this chapter of your amazing book! It is an amazing book to remind others of all walks that it does not matter the circumstance, stick with God & he will restore your life! My marriage is not restored in sight, but the joy I feel in knowing it is being restored as we speak! God is working so hard on my behalf & I simply can't thank Him enough! When times get tough to handle, call on God & pick up this book, read this chapter, take this course. It really has helped me a ton to keep on keeping on!

~ Yvonne in Florida

Wednesday RYM: Chapter 13 "Wonderful Counselor"

Wow this chapter has opened my eyes of what i was doing wrong! Counseling! Awful. I have been blaming my husband, and now I blame no one but myself and my counselor. I was such a bad wife: Hmm just to name a few of the many - I could probably write a novel, I felt as though every single chapter I had to turn around begin to blaming myself for foolishly pushing my husband to go to counseling which made him leave me. Instead of getting someone to side with me and show my husband what was wrong with him, this course taught me that I was to blame!  I learned I was Contentious,had pride, slander, gossip, investigating, snooping, blaming, threatening, taking everyone for granted, and for years had been tearing "down my house with my own hands", doing things my way rather than taking them to God for Him to sort out or help me, not being as submissive as I should or supportive, complaining, nagging.. Also I learned a lot of Gods truth. This book and course has been a gateway to my relationship with God (first time I've had one!). It has helped me know Gods will, and seek to know more about God. It has shown me that I have myself to blame, not my husband & that this isn't about him but my relationship with God & this spiritual battle we r facing. I learned ways to pray with scripture & in general! This course based on the best book ever is amazing!

~ Gloria in Tennessee

Thursday RYM: Chapter 14 "First to Throw a Stone"

I have read this book before, but these lessons, going through one lesson a day has been re-energizing me. I am now ready to focus on my First Love, God, even more after this chapter. I have realized so much by reading it this time slowly along with the testimonies today. For the first time I finally learned that I was so wrong in my marriage and most importantly that I can't fix it only God can. Second, I have learned that if I change my life and become more dedicated to God then He will see to it that my marriage is restored. Third, I have learned more about being a Godly woman so I can be a Godly wife in a Godly marriage, first with Jesus as my Husband, then He will bring my husband back so I can be a wife "as unto the Lord." And lastly, I have learned how to react to many different things in my life so that WHEN my husband returns home, we will begin to worship God together and have a great marriage. I was so impressed with this book I just find it hard to put it down! Now that there is a course I have been sharing this and so many of the messages I've been learning with other ladies with the same type of problems, sowing restoration.

~ Barbara in Kentucky

Friday RYM: Chapter 15 "Opening the Windows of Heaven"

When my husband and I first separated i made every mistake pointed out in the book. I listened to family, friends, pastors all who lead me down the wrong path. Even today I was told I should give up. It wasn't until studying the chapters a day at a time in your new course that I finally found out what was wrong. I had been giving to Rejoice Ministries where I thought I had found hope. I started praying and "standing" for my marriage, but continued to make the mistakes outlined in the book ignorant to the truth. I was looking for answers from everyone but God. In May of this year I started letting go, to let God do what He does best, restore. But things were just not happening quick enough, and asked God why. I had been fed by your ministry, but never tithed to my storehouse. This is where I had messed up. As soon as I tithed, and began following 100% of Gods instructions, things changed.

For the first time I found myself asking God questions and then searching the bible for the answer instead of calling a friend, pastor or relative. I began to want to spend more time praying and reading the word. Reading this one chapter reconfirmed to me what God had been trying to tell me all along, so into restoration by giving to my storehouse and watch the windows of heaven open up over me! Thank you,

~ Carol in New Mexico

Saturday: Be Encouraged eVideos 5

"Watching this video and how Erin talked about the seasons was so great and all I needed to hear!! I never looked at it that way and it gave me the courage to continue on this journey! It allowed me to realize that all the other times my husband came home or spoke of us trying again (just to want out shortly after) was simply because I prayed for him to come back. It was not what God wanted to happen, but He was just being so faithful and answered my prayers!! How great God is, wow, so now I am simply going to let God be God and will pray now for just His will to be done—whatever that may be! I am so happy and content in my journey now, and I know that greatness will come from all of what I am learning!!"

~ Ramona in North Carolina

Sunday: Be Encouraged eVideos 6

"Wow, I don't think it really, really sunk in until I heard Erin say in this video that my husband didn't really reject me, but that the Lord took him away from me!! When my husband does start coming around again, I know that I have to allow him to be alone with our daughters and make myself as invisible as possible just as she said. I always smothered him to the point he stopped coming over! Now I see that the Lord did me a favor by taking my husband away, because now I am on an awesome journey getting to know Him intimately. There is no place I would rather be than close to the Lord.!!!!"

~ Michelle in Canada


Week 4

Monday  RYM: Chapter 16 "The Keys of Heaven"

This chapter totally change and encouraged me. I wish I knew what I learned from this back years ago. I had no idea that God gave me the keys to help my husband overcome his sin. I saw and did all the wrong things but now I am finally happy that I got this book and found out about this course. I am excited to change my life for the better. I didn't know the term tithing (the previous lesson) and when I began to tithe then pray like this chapter taught, God began to Bless!

~ Jocelyn in California

Tuesday RYM: Chapter 17 "Stand in the Gap"

am so thankful to have been blessed to read this book again chapter by chapter! The powerful testimonies of restored marriages were (and still are) such a blessing for me each morning when I begin my lessons. Each story told by women in various stages of restoration gave me hope and faith that my own marriage WILL be restored, Praise God, in His timing! Thank you Erin for being obedient to God and establishing this ministry to truly encourage women everywhere! I recommend this course  to all women, married, divorced, or single as an inspiration and testimony that with God all things are possible and how to overcome disaster that's hitting so many of us!

~ Tracy in North Carolina

Wednesday: Establishing Strong & Lasting Relationships

"I thought this lesson was very practical, and I appreciated that it was based on real life experience rather than theory. I liked reading the testimonies, they brought the lesson to life! The lesson helped me understand why it's so important to completely let go of my husband, despite how I feel about wanting to speak with him. It was worth my time. I learned that separation gives my marriage time to heal. Although I want my husband to return home, I was glad to learn that healing is taking place while he is away. The wounds in our marriage needed to heal."

~ Carole in Florida

Thursday: Restoration Secrets

"I thought this lesson was very, very practical. So far Ii have read it 5 times, and I will go back and read it again!!! DEFINITELY WORTH MY TIME. I learned so many new things too. I didn't know the secrets and they were all well explained.  I learned that letting go of my husband and marriage is so very important, that, that is the factor that will make or break your restoration....real life experience rather than theory. I liked reading the testimonies, they brought the lesson to life. The lesson helped me understand why it's so important to completely let go of my husband, despite how I feel about wanting to speak with him. It was worth my time. I learned that separation gives my marriage time to heal. Although I want my husband to return home, I was glad to learn that healing is taking place while he is away. The wounds in our marriage needed to heal!!"

~ Lisa in New Jersey

Friday Thank You Note

Our course ends with the opportunity for our clients to write their thanks to our partners, here are a few that we posted in our Encourager:

From Marta in Brazil who is currently Separated.

"I would like to humbly thank the partners for the books that they made available to me, but not only for that, also for the work that is being done in this ministry. It's soooo wonderful, it is indeed using internet (which so many times is used for evil) to do a wonderful job for God!

Ever since I put my eyes on the RYM book I began to change and that was almost one year ago. I know it is not a long time for many of you, but the change that took place in me is amazing in such a short time. That was only possible because God is using this Ministry, what you give free and the women in this ministry who are letting themselves to be used by God to help others. Thank you so much for everything!!!

When I found your ministry on the Internet it was after my husband confessed a lot of things that destroyed our marriage. Not only one adulterous relationship, but also many many other lies that he told me and his family that helped him to cover his sin and I felt our marriage was simply another lie that he lived.

After I read your book, I started to focus on God, and although I fell a lot of times, that was when I started to make God my priority. My husband never told me he wanted a divorce, despite the several adulteries, but he left Brasil a lot to go to USA under different excuses.

Last year, I made the mistake of buying him a ticket to come back home, and on the last day before the flight he said he could not come, he could not live here in this house, that he questioned his love for me because how someone that loves another can do what he did to me. I begged him to come, I even manipulated him, and eventually he came, stayed only 40 days, and left again.

Though I thought we had a wonderful time together, but from the moment he put the foot back on USA soil, he started to distance himself from me again. Until one day that he said to me that I only added stress to his life, which was already full of problems. That was my wake up call. After that, I simply let him go. I put God first, made Him my Husband, and put everything in His hands.

I grabbed my RYM book again, and began to read it all the time and kept it in my bed with me along with my Bible. And right after I started this course (this ministry blessed me with), in less than one month, God turned my husband's heart to me—now my husband is begging to come back home, and saying how he needs to make this his home!! Currently he is trying to find a work here in Brasil (he never ever even admitted a shadow of thought for this possibility). Not a day goes by without tons of e-mails, phone calls, and all weekend he makes sure we have to chat or he says he will go crazy.

Just now he is bugging me for chat at 9 p.m., and before this ministry, I would have to beg him to be on a decent time for me (we are in different timezones, and I always was the one to compromise my sleep to please him). I don't do that anymore, I mean, I submit and obey him of course. I don't usurp his role in the marriage anymore, but instead I am letting God work and I am no longer desperate because I have Him.

Yes, I am a changed person, my relationship with everyone changed, that is because NOW I have a deeply profound intimate relationship with God. I don't know what will happen in my marriage, and even though I know my husband is changing, I have no desire to put my hand in this work of His anymore. God is taking care of it, and I trust Him to do the best for me.

My greatest change is that I don't make my husband or my marriage or my daughters my idols anymore. I really cannot say that I know how my marriage is going to turn out. I know it was destroyed, and now there is hope for it, but I am so joyful and grateful the way I am now. And because of this, I know that if God doesn't restore this marriage, I will be as thankful and joyful the same way. :)

And all that started with the RYM book back in June 2011 when I was covered by a shame and humiliation. Shame and humiliation that I thought would destroy me, but instead, God used these things to bring me to Him. Praise the Lord!!!

"Lord, I thank You for this suffering that allowed me to be close to You, and to develop a real intimate relationship with You. I never imagined we could indeed feel, even see Your presence (like the day I "saw" Jesus holding my hand when I was in the deepest hole of my darkest hour, when You told me that You would always be there for me and held my hand). Lord, even if my marriage is not restored, I am well with Your decision for my life. I love You so much, Lord, what I want more is to keep this wonderful connection that we have, thank You for being my Husband when I most needed You, and thank You for never forsaken me or never leave me behind. I am Yours forever my Lord!"

From Sandra in the United Kingdom.

HI ministry team, 

You guys are the BEST after God you guys are the best I wish all women around the world knew about you............thankyou ,thankyou, thankyou for believing in me...........I was so concerned that you were going to let me go ...and I know I deserved to be............the written assessment was so encouraging it was like you knew my heart, as if God was giving me yet another chance that it was not too late.    This e-mail was like the best birthday present/Christmas present since being a 3rd time mummy.......I know i missed a lot of lessons but please know i so do not take you guys for granted.....I am quite ashamed about my lack of tenacity, I have never heard any Christian teach like you , yet what you teach is n the word, even my mother has said i am changing............I really am sensing the change in me that i'm not out "to get my man" I just don't want to miss out on THE MAN and you guys are leading me straight to Him (You also taught me how to put capitals for God when writing Him He and His......)...anyway I could write a dissertation about the Love of God that your ministry spreads....hey I've even distributed hope cards.......I had to you guys are just like a needed to be shouted about secret..........I love you all...being a partner is such a no-brainer......many many many many blessings and many more. your very grateful 'client'......Sandra

p.s. ..many hugs too (i would have put an exclamation point but my kids destroyed the key off of the keyboard...)

Christina in Mexico who is currently separated:

Thank you all so much for investing in me! Thank you for letting God use you in pouring of yourselves into this ministry. I have learned SO MUCH!!! My heavenly Father has become my daily sustenance, My Jesus has become my Husband, and companion. My focus has changed from my earthly husband and what was going on in my life to learning how to daily look to my heavenly Husband–My Love. My God, the Father of my child, who will protect, love and strengthen my son as well as me! Praise Him for this wonderful ministry and for you all sweet sisters, I pray you all will be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE.

When I first found you, wow..I was so broken and desperate, and when I first got the first ebook I just hung onto every word. I wanted so badly to learn more and was so excited when I found that you had a 30 day course! I was (and am) separated from my husband and live alone with my 3yr old. I would go from a few days of leaning on the Lord, to getting sidetracked and worked over again by the devil. Praise His name I learned about the power and freedom of following His commandments, one of which is tithing. Wow, I want this door slammed shut! I want to learn more to not give any more opportunity to the devil to take advantage and inflict any more pain or steal my peace any more!

For each of you just setting out on your Restoration Journey—Oh how my heart aches for you! How I know so well your pain and desperation! How I want to take you by the hand and lead you to the feet of our Heavenly Father, our Husband, our Redeemer, where I KNOW, He will give you a peace that SURPASSES all understanding. And the assurance, so you will know, that you know, that you know, that He is with you and nothing, nothing will be able to take His love away from you or His peace from you! Beloved, He WANTS YOU! He wants to restore YOU! Remember He has plans for you, for good and not evil, for restoration and not heartache. Praise His name. I hope and pray that this 30 day Journey He allowed me to provide for you will be just as profitable to your soul, spirit and new relationship with Him as it has been with mine!

Oh, heavenly Father, My LOVE, Thankyou so much for choosing ME for allowing me to find this ministry who has taught me so many of Your truths. Thankyou so much for blessing this ministry as I know You are. Please keep them strong, fight their battles for them, where the enemy would like to take advantage to bring them down. Fight for them! Restore the walls that were broken down. And bless them for standing in the gap for all of us broken, confused and desperate women. Thank you, thank you for doing all this and even more, in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

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