30-Days to Hope

Beloved, I wish to thank You Jesus for this opportunity you have given me.

My brother, any of you who are going through a crisis in your marriage, is separated from your wife or like me, already divorced, you can know that Jesus is able to give you a new perspective of life, but we must learn to trust His promises and leave our will at the altar along with our problems. We need to understand that all marital crises is the work of the enemy, who wants to destroy all families. That's why this course is a Godsend, because it's more than capable of giving each of us a spiritual direction, all we need to do is embrace His teachings and continue to remain steadfast in wanting to learn about the Word of God. I highly recommend this course !!

Before this course, my life was utterly meaningless, I was desperate and I knew I needed an encounter with God, but did not know how to do this. It was due to this course that I realized that I was acting in a wrong way as a husband, living a life different from what is written in the Word of God to husbands and men. Though I do not have my marriage restored, yet, all I discovered by taking this course: all the fighting needed to stop, ignoring friends who have been saying it's not worth fighting for my marriage, and how the church's leaders are not knowledgeable about marriage or what His Word says.. But I now I have peace, and know that God is with me and have given everything in His hands, while I doing my part by doing one lesson a day to gain the truth.

Beloved Father, God Almighty, blessed be Thy name. Thank you Lord for showing me the way to go when I was in darkness, for raising me up when I was down and comforting me in the face of such pain. I thank you Father, for showing me this ministry that has helped me so much with my learning the truth and I beg you to send others who are in similar situations so they too can receive this opportunity, on behalf of Jesus. Amen!!
"This storm, the whirlwind, this turnaround seems that it is to mess up, but it is actually to organize. It is to put your life back on track, back on track, back to the plans from Him." Barbara Flowers

~ Antonio in Paraíba
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