Day 16, Week 3: MRYM Chapter 14 

Who is Without Sin?

but first a Restored Marriage Testimony 

taken from 

Restored in the Philippines!

I was able to know your ministry through the Internet. I am a pastor who fell into sin against my wife and my God. Since being restored, God has used me, even through the government, to spread His good news about restoration.

My situation was much like yours. It is my personal story as a minister and the way God restored my family and the way my wife responded to it that gave us victory and a ministry for couples today.

Presently, I am able to share the Word of God with local government employees every Monday. We have three satellite churches and more than 300 followers. I’m a full-time minister and I’m committed to go for growth for GOD’S Kingdom. I share some of my ministry background so that I will not be strange to you. May you find interest in sharing more of your ministry here in the Philippines. Are you considering Philippines as one of your mission fields? I desire to facilitate your ministry radio broadcast or television crusade. Our place is peaceful as well as progressive.

I got married when I was 22. Three days into our honeymoon, my wife woke up crying because she had a dream that a lady came to take me. So I told her that it was “just a dream.” Years later I had a dream that I would be tested through this kind of temptation, but I just ignored it because I felt I was strong and would stay faithful to my wife.

Then one day I met a lady and the Holy Spirit told me that I needed to be alert; once again, I just ignored it. I was a pastor. To make a long story short, I was tempted and fell terribly into sin for almost a year and half without the knowledge of my wife.

Then the day came when the Lord exposed me because God doesn’t want us to go on sinning. When my wife found out about the situation, she became so desperate. Married life with this sin is a terrible situation. At this point, I confessed my faults to my superior in the church because I was an associate pastor. I resigned under a self-disciplinary action. My wife was hurt so much, but she had such a strong commitment to God, and her faith in Him anchored her and gave her hope for our restoration. She even prayed for this woman because the lady confessed her love to me but at the same time asked forgiveness too.

It was a hard time for me too because I didn’t know what to do. I felt I was the most miserable person on the face of the earth because of my sin. My wife, instead of having a human reaction, kept on praying and trusting God. Sin hurts not only the sinner (me), but it affects everyone.

It is sad to say but when some of you (like me) share your problems with others “for the sake of unloading and to seek comfort” they will be the source of your miserable fate! There are those who can’t help you but they always want to share your personal prayer requests with others!

After all those trials, I’ve now been restored back to my wife and my ministry. The ministry now is touching the lives of government leaders and even their families. I have so much to tell about “where is God when you are hurt when you sin.” Now God is raising me to the level that I will be able to minister to every Filipino family.

The lesson I learned in my experience is don’t ignore the early warnings of God. Don’t trust your flesh. Keep the family the priority. And overcoming our trials is a way that we can touch and encourage those who are going through the same situation so that they might be overcomers too—in Jesus’ name!! God will never give up so you must not give up! Today we are happy and have one beautiful boy who is in kindergarten. My wife and I just forget everything bad we went through and worship the Lord for the great things He has done!!

I have seen a lot of broken families but I believe God has given us a mandate to be part of their restoration. This is my concern. I wish you could have the burden to extend your ministry here in the Philippines. The cases of violence here are very isolated, but I believe the enemy just wants to stop the work of those who have a burden for worldwide ministry like yours, because of the so-called terrorists. The Philippines is good ground for a worldwide ministry because your dollar is 50x in value here. You can have a radio program for only $150 a month, 30 minutes, twice a week. We could hold seminars and conferences. I will pray that you will have a burden for us here. PRAY FOR IT. I hope to hear from you soon.

“Every family we help to (restore) we fix the foundation of our shaking society.”

We are sending some tracts for them to distribute and are praying about what more the Lord would have us do. If you have a burden for this country and would like to help them in any way, please contact our ministry.