Day 13, Week 3: MRYM Chapter 11 

Cleave to His Wife

but first a Restored Marriage Testimony 

taken from 

The Power of God moved in my Life!

I have seen the POWER OF GOD move in my life and I have witnessed REAL MIRACLES that cannot be explained by science! I have seen people healed and demons exorcized when God placed my hands on them. I knew the Scriptures, I was a walking concordance and I was a Pharisee!

When my wife left me after three years of marriage, and left our two-year-old son with me, because she couldn’t “handle the responsibility,” I had no energy to fight for her. I just took care of my son, alone, for almost 12 years. I felt no joy in my life and I never took it to God! Satan had me so blinded that I never even asked God to bring my wife back! WORSE, I told God that “I will not ask!”

My life slowly went downhill! I had girlfriends but could never fall in love, and I was empty! That was when I met a friend I’ll call “Betty.” I have always obeyed when God told me to do or say something, so when He told me to tell Betty my story, I obeyed Him.

My wife looked at me with amazement! She told me later that she did not understand how I could know the power of God and yet appear so empty! She described me as a “walking dead man”! When we next spoke, I wanted to get to know her better (maybe as girlfriend material), but instead, I told her how messed up my life had been since my wife had left me. Betty actually scolded me for not standing up to the enemy for my marriage!!! I told her that I couldn’t pray for that!

My wife asked me what I would like her to pray for and I said, “Pray that I might be made whole again and know the joy of my salvation!” That was two months ago. Since then, God has moved incredibly quickly! I learned how to pray again, and finally asked God to return my wife to me.

Then after 12 years, my wife called me and said she wanted to come home! PRAISE GOD!!!