Day 11, Week 2: MRYM Chapter 9 

Blessed Are the Meek

but first a Restored Marriage Testimony 

taken from 

Remarried but Resentful, Then God Changed Me!

I praise the Lord for loving me and my wife and allowing us to learn how to love each other through the love of our gracious heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I found Restore Ministries through a friend at a Bible study.

My wife and I divorced 28 years ago. We had a horrible relationship during and after our divorce. My wife later remarried a neighbor who had posed as my friend but later I discovered he was involved with my wife behind my back.

I worked all the time and thought I was doing the right things by making money for my family. We had three beautiful girls. I had put my wife up on a pedestal before the divorce and worshipped my three girls. After my wife's new marriage she moved out of state where it became difficult to see my girls.

Her moving, along with her new marriage, caused me to hate my ex-wife. I felt destroyed and humiliated. After five years my ex-wife's marriage ended in divorce and she wanted to come back to me. However, I had no love for her and refused at first. But, through the advice of a Christian friend, I decided to give it a try so I remarried her.

We remarried but I still had resentment and the marriage was only held together because of our three girls. I would often think to myself that when the girls were grown there would be no reason for me to stay married to someone that I did not respect. Now, this is where I was dead wrong.

The Holy Spirit nudged me and my wife to start a Bible study, and through this study the Lord started talking to and teaching us about His will for me and my wife. We learned first to love the Lord and through His love for us we reached a level of love and respect for each other that we had never thought possible.

We chose to forgive each other without any thought of the past and enter into true "agape love." It was God who allowed us to achieve this. Today we still have our differences but we have the Lord as our referee and through His guidance we find a resolution of our differences—it works! We are now living a happy life filled with the joy of loving and respect for each other, AND we are best friends!!

The Lord taught me the principle of putting my faith in the Lord Jesus and constantly staying in his Word. He also taught both of us to seek His guidance through praying and consulting the Holy Spirit before we make any choices.

I recommend using the resources from your ministry (a Christ-centered resource) as a refuge to unload the baggage of guilt, hate, or disrespect. Then learn how to forgive as our gracious Lord forgave us.