Day 12, Week 2: MRYM Chapter 10 

Desires of Your Heart

but first a Restored Marriage Testimony 

taken from 

A Reason to Never Give Up!!! Incredible Restoration in Ohio!

I received a card Sunday from my wife. After two and a half years of separation and divorce, and after almost two years of restoration, we can now speak of her salvation and her finally growing in our Lord. It made all of the pain and tears worth it.

I, like most, at one time or another wanted to give up, find someone else and get on with my life. If I had done those things, I would not be witnessing my wife grow to love Jesus. We would not be going to church and studying the book A Purpose-Driven Life together at our church.

Read the words from her card. I realize it could be to another person, but it was not. It was from a loving, formerly wayward wife to her loving, believing husband. First are the words from the author of the card:

"I Believe in Love Because of You"

Love can come along just when we least expect it to, 

And turn an ordinary life into something sweet and new. 

Love can light a candle where the sadness used to be, 

And heal the broken parts of us with trust and honesty.

 Love can give us wings to fly above the world we know, 

And lead us on adventures where we never dreamed we'd go. 

Love can lift us to our feet and teach us how to dance, 

Dare us to believe again and take another chance.

Author—Emily Matthews

These are my loving wife's words:

You gave me back something I thought I'd lost— 

Feelings I thought I'd never feel again. 

Somehow, you saw through all the walls

I'd built around my heart,

And helped me to trust enough to let love in.

And I just want to say thank you for being so patient 

And good to me in every way—

For all the things you do that make me feel like the 

Most special person in the world—

For being you, and for helping me believe in love again.

All my love, 
Your wife