Ministers in Training Courses

Every woman on earth,
at some time, 

has experienced betrayal & abandonment.

. . . just like every one of these women at a

special conference in Fresno, California!

How would you like to learn how to help women you know who are facing a marriage crisis?

. . . exactly the same way we taught each of these women to do during  

in a special Home Fellowship meeting in Ozark, Missouri.


2 Corinthians 5:18— 

“And all these things are from God... Who has given us the Ministry of Reconciliation.” 

Are you surrounded by failed marriages? Has God given YOU the Ministry of Reconciliation? Don't go back to college—not when there is a more effective method WE can teach you, helping you to have your own Ministry of Reconciliation—that's Online and FREE.


We'll teach you how to help your family, friends, and coworkers learn the how to navigate through marriage difficulties, trials, and crises— HIS way.

. . . as you can see in the faces of these amazingly

forever-changed women in San Diego, California!

John 15:5—

I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.

Learn how to turn every difficulty into something GOOD—

something FANTASTIC—

As you Encourager others, while at the same time—

changing your life & your future!!


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“I’m currently working on my apprenticeship and was able to get a paid internship. Soon IOU will be helping me set up my own ministry online.”


“I am actually studying to be a minister to women. After my marriage fell apart, I found help online and then found the free online university. I just want to use what I’ve gone through to help other women not make the same mistakes I made."

Isn't it time?


   Still unsure? 

What's Wonderful About RMIOU?

Not only will you be learning how to build your own ministry, but you'll also begin fellowshipping with amazing fellow ministers! Our Ministers create 3 Cords in order to help each other!

A cord of THREE strands is not quickly torn apart”— Ecclesiastes 4:9–12

Being older often means falling behind in the tech world. But by attending RMIOU and also fulfilling the required volunteering, I am not only okay for my age, but am far above many of my children who are fairly techie. Since coming to RMIOU I’m learning new programs, apps and the latest innovations for websites all while helping a ministry I believe in.

At my age it’s becoming more common to go back to school, but I know going to a campus with young people would simply never be something I’d do. However, by having courses online, while also being able to interact with so many wonderful younger women, has really given me a new and exciting life!

In addition, for the past two years (or more) I’ve faced some real health problems, but even on my worst days I was able to keep up with my studies and volunteer work for the ministry. I enjoy the interaction with others, not like what you'd find on social networks, but working and learning side-by-side with women from around the world who are likeminded and share the same moral and spiritual beliefs as I do. 

Finally, I never dreamed I would be asked to help as an instructor, which allows me to teach, which is always been my passion and what I miss now that my children have grown.