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MEET Kasey's Family. Pictured left: 
Axel, Kasey, Emmett and Huxley who recently moved back to Springfield, Missouri, after living just outside Kansas City

Axel was homeschooled by his mom, Erin, in his second month of kindergarten. Due to being totally homegrown, Axel was able to use his God-given talents, which now supports his loving family AND that enables their entire family to grown physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What the Lord led her to use, which has resulted in wonderful fruits, is this site where all the lessons are right there for you to share with your children! Allinonehomeschool.com  This is FREE and as Kasey's sons prove the curriculum works and is easy & light!

As we said on our homepage—showing you how His plan is doable and what Kasey and Erin want to encourage you to understand. If He's called you, you've felt a tugging in your heart to remain at home, grow your children GOD'S way, then HE will lead you—which will always be EASY & LIGHT.

If you know women who are homeschooling and are becoming weary of meeting everyone's expectations but HIS, which are light and easy, we hope you'll let them know about how we want to encourage women, encourage mothers who have begun this journey. There are many Homeschooling sites and support groups, which unfortunately often leave moms feeling overwhelmed, defeated, to the point they give up. 

What we hope to do here in HomeGrownMinistries.com is to teach and encourage you to simply REST in Him, which often means you need to WAIT for Him to move on your behalf, but what will bring about an amazingly Abundant Life for you and your family!! 

Here are a couple of FREE Resources to get you started.