Day 1   

“Moving Up Higher”  

This week we are beginning a new Living Lesson series LL2. If you’ve been following the prior series, Living Lesson series LL1, being in earnest to embrace His message to us and you’ve been faithfully  journaling your thoughts and feelings and questions, then you’re ready to step up a bit higher as He’s bid me to do.

Knowing we’ve all been living on the mountain top as His bride, or like a penthouse high above the city with Him, as mere mortals it’s easy to feel a bit uneasy when He takes our hands in order to move up higher. Even though it does have a much more expansive view the higher we go, yet, if we look down the height can be a bit dizzying.

Though I’ve described moving up in physical terms, He is in fact speaking to us in spiritual terms—hence our dizzying height, where we feel we want to grab Him tightly or even bury our faces in His chest—the feeling is just as real.

For the past week or more the Lord has asked me to do things that, as we often say are, “outside my comfort zone.” Where I’m comfortable, however, is not going to allow me to be used by Him in the way He’s planned. The same goes for you.

Let me give you an example. I am quite comfortable being simply agreeable, just going with the flow. So when He asks me to exercise the authority He’s given me, I’d prefer not to. Nevertheless, I continually choose to step forward rather than pulling back. Of course it’s His stable arm I’m holding fast to, continually looking full on His loving face, always remaining quiet enough in my spirit to hear Him saying, “Trust Me.”

After we take the first step up, if we immediately see His perfect plan unfold, we feel ourselves soaring. Our faces beam just as mine did yesterday evening. Earlier that day the Lord had told me to give my car to a couple who I knew didn’t have a suitable car for their anniversary. Being honest with you, I cringed when He told me. Though I am known to be a bit too generous, giving my car, leaving me with no transportation along with the risk of an accident flew through my mind. Nevertheless, when He bade me to “go now” I grabbed my keys and set off to give the couple my car.

Leaving their home I was soaring, due to the fact that though they were dumbfounded, very touched and moved to tears by my offer, they let me know that the wife’s mother had offered her car. Had her mother not just had the oil changed and washed, they would have accepted. The outcome confirmed I was not mistaken when I heard Him, which again, made my heart soar and left a huge smile on my face (I’m smiling now). And though this step up was more in the category of the “little foxes” variety, nothing close to other things He’s tasked me to do outside my comfort zone, little foxes do, in fact, help us our abundant life journey, do they not?

Yet, to balance this example, I had results that were far less exciting. Instead, the results of stepping up and trusting Him, in order to move up higher, left me more than a bit disappointed. When the result is not as you hoped, that’s when you begin to doubt and question that what you did was His plan. Did I miss Him? Am I doing things in the flesh? Why? Oh why am I not soaring?

Living life without regrets is a common occurrence in today’s selfish and self-centered world, so like me you probably believe that having regrets means you and I care more about others. But does it?

Next week we will learn the living lesson and explore “Living Life without Regrets” so be sure to begin to speak to your HH about this topic now, after you’ve fully discussed this week’s lesson as He bids you to move up higher with Him. :)

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Day 2   

“Living Life without Regrets”  

Last week we discussed the results of stepping up and trusting Him, in order to move up higher. What happens when the result of your following Him is not as you hoped, and maybe is so far beyond what you think you can handle or deal with? There’s no question we all begin to doubt and question that what you did wasn’t His plan. You wonder, where did I miss Him, which turn did I fail to make? God help me, am I doing things in the flesh? Why? Oh why am I not soaring but instead am once again trudging through the deepest mud in the valley of the shadows?

So how do we combat doubt so that we can continue living the abundant life, a life without regrets that is in no way selfish and self-centered, and that you continue to care more about others than yourself, conducting yourself as His bride?

A calmness and regal response or reaction to what is being thrown at you or what you’re being thrown into reflects His love and proves (to others and to yourself) that you indeed haven’t missed Him at all. We know that throughout His life and anyone who has been called to live for Him, has encountered trials, but it’s in the peacefulness, the slow moving and gracefulness, which speaks volumes.

When we were children we acted and reacted as such. Yet, now as we put away those childish behaviors we can confidently look into His face, finding our reassurance there—often without a word ever being spoken. Then with the gentle hand on the small of our back or the gentle taking of our hand, it’s almost as if He’s gliding us out onto a dance floor. It’s He will will navigate us around the other couples who are whirling and swirling about. All we need to do is follow His lead.

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