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“'I came that [you] might have life,

and might have it abundantly

John 10:10

Dear Bride,

I'm so excited you're interested in following the most Amazing Journey you'll ever take in your entire life! We promise that by reading just one chapter each week, and journaling afterward, you will soon see your life transforming—due to really experiencing HIS LOVE— in order to LIVE the ABUNDANT LIFE He died to give you.

John 10:10— "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

Your life may have reflected what the thief stole from you, what he killed, leaving a trail of destruction—but that's about to change!!

Because this is a JOURNEY it's important that you begin with the 1st book, then the 2nd book and so on.


http://encouragingbookstore.com/women-resources/fal/ Finding the Abundant Life by Michele Michaels: eBook / Paperback

★★★★★ Reviews


Again, please journey through the books doing at least ONE chapter a week, journaling afterward. with our second book, Living the Abundant Life, AL2. If this is your first Abundant Life Course, please go back and begin with the prior book FINDING the Abundant Life, AL1 to get the best results.
Also from Erin:


Course 5: Workers@Home AL5—Coming Soon!!

Workers@Home: Making the MOST of Your Time! eBook / Paperback


Course 6: HomeSchooling for Him AL6 —Coming Soon!!

Also HomeGrownMinistries.com.

Many of you may have considered homeschooling or have family or friends who do, so this is a way for you to introduce them to Encouraging Women!

We offer a FREE H4H “Homeschooling for Him” course if you're interested in learning the foundation principles for why you should educate your children yourself, at home.

We’d also love for you, if you are a seasoned homeschool mom, submit Praise Reports, for H4H “tips” that would Encourage new moms, which we will use in our newsletter to help encourage other moms. We can also have them submit their testimony of either being delivered from having to work outside their home, to becoming a Workers@Home to “HomeGrow” their families and/or minister.


Increase your faith and understand fully His promise 
that not only you— but your household will be saved!

Take our Salvation Stories Course


Living Lessons were some of our first, and very powerful early weekly messages you won't want to miss!