Living the
Abundant Life

Dear Bride,

We're so excited you're continuing with our second book, Living the Abundant Life. If this is your first Abundant Life Course, please go back and begin with the prior book FINDING the Abundant Life, to get the best results and understand the foundational principles.

Much love to you all!!


Be sure to first READ the Chapter and then stop to ponder— letting the Lord speak to you. Ask Him questions, tell Him how you feel, ask Him what He wants to teach you and what He wants you to take away from reading the chapter. Then pour your heart into your

Daily Journal

, coming away with all He has for you—helping you experience Him and His Abundant Life to the fullest!

Lastly, maybe even the following day, CLICK ON the Fellowship link under each chapter to read how the chapters affected our ministers. 

We recommend doing a chapter each SUNDAY "The Lord's Day" or as often as He leads you! :)

And, to prepare your heart and in order to really feel how close your Heavenly Husband is to you, we'd encourage you to download this MP3 file of a song that you can sing to your HH "
I Only Have Eyes For You
." Do this each time you come to read a chapter and anytime throughout your day.
If this chapter or singing this song to your HH has blessed you, we'd encourage you to submit a PR that may help another woman find her HH too!


Chapter 8: You’re Being Set-Up

Daily Journal


"I have asked myself countless times how could this have happened to me? Not only the divorce but everything else that happened to me since. Every adversity I had gone through why did it happen? Now after reading this chapter, it brings a peace to my heart to know that every adversity that I have faced the LORD uses for His glory. I no longer sit in a sorry little heap and cry for what has happened, but instead, rejoice for God has planned greater things for me." ~ Mercy

Chapter 9: What’s the Point?

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