Facing Divorce

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Dear Beloved Brother or Sister in Christ,

Many people have written to our ministry when facing divorce. So many continue to call and write our ministry DESPERATE for help. To be ready to help the masses of people who come, often in a panic, I have compiled many of our resources together in this book.

If you come to something you have read before, read it again. The more you “renew your mind” the more you will replace the lies of the world with the faith in your Lord. The more faith, the more the fear you are experiencing will fade away. And what will remain will be the “peace that passes ALL understanding”!

In addition, NEVER skip reading the Scripture verses, even if you do know them by heart. The verses will do something wonderful to your spirit. There is a “washing of water with the word” that will cleanse your mind, soul and spirit. It will put out the fire of fear. Begin by reading this:

“By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established
And by knowledge the rooms are filled
With all precious and pleasant riches.”
Prov. 24:3-4