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Tara in Missouri 

“Learning from My Mom”  

I'm so glad we found this lost w@h video! I loved watching it so much because it took me back to that young age and my amazing life living in a large family (only 2 of us aren't married yet)! It amazes me how organized our home was and the invested time my mother took to teach each one of us how to do everything. We had delicious meals and our dining room table was always set. People who came to our house would actually apologize for coming because they thought we were just about to sit down for dinner! Then we'd laugh and tell them, "Oh, no, our mother always has us girls keep the table set!"

My mother taught me how to be a w@h and I still love cleaning, baking and cooking! The craziest thing is that during the filming of this video we were living on a farm that had previously planted apple trees, so we were able to experience everyone's ultimate dream by making apple pies using our very own hand picked apples!! Even without our own tree now, haha, the recipe that my mother was given still makes my brother's extremely excited because during the Christmas season they know that if they visit —I'll bake them that apple pie!

Being prepared and one step ahead of everything was one of the most life changing things my mother taught me. It makes my life so much smoother and really takes the burden off of me. If I know I'm going into town the next day, I'll set everything that I need to take with me on the front door entry table or in my fold up cart the night before. With food preparation, I always make more, so I don't have to think about it the next coming days. Dinners I usually can reheated the next day, and our afternoon smoothies I keep in a mason jar on the door of the fridge ready to go: five jars of precut produce can easily last up to five days! What about a salad? I definitely have those pre-made to enjoy for the next two to three days. The list goes on and on!

I remember helping to do our monthly grocery shopping by first looking over our prewritten list and then how to shop, buying good food and ingredients, but inexpensively. Now I do all the shopping, laundry, cleaning and cooking myself and with the Lord's help —I am more then ever prepared for Mr. Right. 

My mother has taught me so much and I was one of her toughest children because of my "spunk", but she tells me that the spunk that I had was worth all her invested time of training and disciplining me because now I use that determination to do what's right. "Thank you mom! I love you so much."

I know you'll enjoy this quick video and also the w@h book!!

~Tara in Missouri 

Tame in Michigan 

This is a very informative resource since so many people do not have organizational skills. 

It seems running a household and or managing this type of work is being taken for granted we seem to put lots of effort into other things while our home-life and/or household is put out to pasture.

Erin makes this lifestyle as important as it really is because if we do not have your home foundation in running order, how can we expect to have any life outside of our home-life in running order?

Thankful the resource is available on how to run a house as smoothly as possible without a lot of chaos!

Ursula in Missouri 

The video is a good summary of the book and contains many fresh ideas for organizing the care of your home in practical ways!

Karen in North Carolina 

I enjoyed watching the video. It has encouraged me to get more organized. Thank you!

Michelle in Canada

The Workers@Home video is a great learning tool for anyone who struggles with maintaining good organization! I have always kept a clean home; however, I realized through this video that other areas in my life could be so much more organized. I love how Erin implements the 3x5 card method to maintain a steady balance in all areas, apart from her daily chores. I do hope to be able to incorporate this method into areas where I lack and also pass it on to my own family! I would definitely recommend the W@H videos to others!

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