Welcome to the BEM Library

The Building Energy Modeling (BEM) Library demonstration website was created to advance the use of building simulation modeling in efficiency projects. It provides information resources for three audiences - Owners & Managers, Practitioners, and Financiers. 

For Owners & Managers, the BEM Library provides information to support defining and procuring modeling services for commercial new construction, renovation, or operation improvement projects. Guidelines and examples outline the value of modeling, types of services, and an example solicitation. 

For Practitioners, the BEM Library aims to improve standardization, expedite modeler training and expand the building energy modeling workforce. The industry needs to have modeling best-practice methods defined, documented and made readily available. Doing so should increase modeling consistency, invoke greater confidence in findings, and support wider investment in building efficiency. The BEM Library aims to foster the development of a freely-shared, information repository for building energy modeling. The Library will be part of an information flow across knowledge centers, each a step towards increasing consensus and standardization.  

For Financiers, the BEM Library supports an expanded vision for a modeler's approach to their work to better meet investor needs. An energy modeler is the service provider that is responsible for estimating energy cost savings during design. In order to build investor confidence in savings estimates, modeling services need to be refined to better account for investor needs. This includes developing: 1) a sufficient number of credentialed service providers, 2) consistency in methods, and 3) savings risk identification and management. These considerations are incorporated into the BEM Library materials.