Mr. Bryant's Classroom

Welcome to the RMAE 7th & 8th Grade Science Site!
Please use the Navigation bar (to the far left) to guide you to links to information for both 7th and 8th Grade Science classes. I maintain a Calendar containing assignments for both 7th Grade Science and 8th Grade Science.  This is also the place to find information on Mr. Bryant's Electives.
Middle School Science Survival Guide:
Come to class prepared to be challenged and be sure to bring:
Science textbook, Science Journal, Planner, pencil, paper, water bottle, inquiring mind, enthusiasm, commitment to do your best.
You already know this, but:
Middle School classes begin at 7:45 am.
Any student arriving after this time will be marked tardy.
Middle School is dismissed at 3:15 pm.
Mr. B's office hours:
Tuesday 3:30-4:00 pm
or by appointment; I'm usually here

Words of wisdom from the giants upon whose shoulders we stand:
"The universal nature of scientific knowledge yet to be revealed includes a near infinitude of surprises".  E.O. Wilson (2013) Letters to a Young Scientist