Welcome to Team 7C

Always show your Red Lion PRIDE:
 Be Personal
    Be Respectful
 Have Integrity
  Be Dependable
  Be Engaged

Bring Your Own Device
BYOD is at each teacher's discretion.

Absence Policy
Ask a buddy or see the teacher when you return. You have 2 days for every excused day absent to complete missing work.

Discipline Policy

                                                        1.  First offense:  Teacher Conference with Student

                                                        2.  Second offense:  Student will complete a notice summarizing the incident to make the parent/guardian aware of it.  Notice will be signed by student, teacher, and parent/guardian and kept on record.

                                                        3.  Third offense:  Team Conference with Student

                                                        4.  Fourth offense:  Team Conference with Parent/Guardian & Student

                                                        5.  Continuing problems will be referred to the assistant principal.

***Severe disruptions, safety issues, personally owned devices (POD), or dress code violations will receive an automatic office referral and/or parent/guardian contact.***