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(Early Childhood Family Education)
is for all families
with 0-5 year old children. 

Special age focused classes (Infant/Toddler, 3-4 year old, 4-5 year old) and Family Fun Night events 
are planned with age appropriate activities that the whole family will enjoy!! 

Red Lake Falls offers classes in the evening and daytime throughout the year. 
Check your fall and spring ECFE newsletter for specific dates and times. 

**Books given away as reading incentives are funded in part by the Thief River Falls United Way**

Please let the school know (253-2161 ext.229) if you are not receiving a newsletter in the mail. 

Hope to see you at our next special event!!

Parent Educator:  Margaret Hamrum: mhamrum@rlfedu.org
Early Childhood Teacher:  Wanda Nelson: wnelson@rlfedu.org
ECSE Teacher:  Valerie Shulstad:  vshulstad@ASEC.net  (Birth to 5 year olds)


Our ECFE newsletter goes to all 0-5 year olds and their parents.  

Please call J.A. Hughes Elementary School if your mailing information has changed or

 if you have moved outside of the school district. 

Contact Person: Wendy Breiland at 253-2161 ext. 229


 Help Me Grow!

As you watch your child grow, you may become concerned about your child's
development. While all young children grow and change at their own rate,
sometimes you may have concerns that your child is developing differently
than other children the same age as your child.
If you have concerns about your child's development, call 1-866-693-GROW
(4769) or make a referral on the Help Me Grow Website
(www.parentsknow.state.mn.us) Referrals for a child can be made by parents,
family members, friends, or professionals that know the child.
Once a referral through Help Me Grow is made to the local early intervention
program, the family will be contacted to arrange for a screening or
evaluation to determine if your child is eligible for infant and toddler
intervention or preschool special education services.

Websites to check out: 

Family Engagement Resources

The Parent Toolkit is for parents of pre-kindergarten through high school students.

It addresses the social emotional development, academic growth, physical development and nutritional needs of students.

The Parent Toolkit is available in English and Spanish, as well as a mobile app.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact your area director or

call 651-582-8579 (ESEA Title Programs Support) and ask to speak with your area director.


Parenting Tip:

Happiness beginning at Birth

There are few things as precious as the joy of a child.  When your child is happy, your main task is easy...enjoy it! 

Some children are happy playing in the sandbox for hours while others may jump from activity to activity. 

When your child is happy,  you can: 

**  Acknowledge how good it feels to be happy.

**  Keep track of the things that make him happy for future activities.

**  Allow him to play independently if he is content.

**  Join in if your child wants to.

**  Look for signs that he's getting tired or overexcited and needs a break.

**  Be aware that when a toddler is extremely happy, activities such as running, jumping, and throwing with enthusiasm

can get out of control.

**  Direct his attention to something else if his actions are unacceptable or dangerous, even if he's happy.

**  Make sure his happiness doesn't lead to bursts of excitement that may put him in a dangerous situation such as

running into the street.

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