Español 1

Spanish 1 Fall 2017 Outline

Weeks 1-2

Para empezar (An Introduction to Spanish)

• Greetings
• Telling time
• Body parts/classroom objects
• Calendar and weather
• Chapter review
Quizlet Vocab Para Empezar
Para Empezar review jeopardy:

Weeks 3-4
Capítulo 1A (What do you like to do?)

• Talk about activities that you like and don’t like to do
• Ask others about their likes / dislikes
• Understand cultural perspectives on favorite activities
Quizlet Vocab Chap 1A

Weeks 5-6
Capítulo 1B (What are you like?)
• Talk about your personality
• Ask and tell what other people are like
• Use adjectives to describe people
• Understand cultural perspectives on friendship
Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 1B

Weeks 7-8
Capítulo 2A (Your school day)
• Talk about school subjects and classes
• Discuss what students do during the day
• Ask and tell who is doing an action
• Compare your school with one from a different country
Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 2A

Weeks 9-10
Capítulo 2B (Your classroom)
• Describe your classroom
• Indicate where things are located
• Talk about more than one object or person
• Understand cultural perspectives on school
Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 2B

Weeks 11-12
Capítulo 5A Una fiesta de cumpleaños (A birthday celebration)
• Describe families
• Talk about family celebrations
• Ask and tell ages
• Express possession
• Understand cultural perspectives on families and celebrations
Quizlet Vocab Chap5A

Weeks 13-14
Capítulo 4A ¿Adónde vas? (Where are you going?)
• Talk about locations in the community
• Discuss leisure activities
• Talk about where you go and with whom
• Learn how to ask information seeking questions
• Understand cultural perspectives on leisure activities
Quizlet Vocab Chap 4A

Weeks 15-16
Capítulo 4B ¿Quieres ir conmigo? (Do you want to go with me?)
• Talk about activities outside of school
• Extend, accept and decline invitations
• Tell when an event happens
• Understand cultural perspectives on after-school activities
Quizlet Vocab Chap 4B

Weeks 17-18

Capítulo 3A (Breakfast and Lunch)
• Talk about foods and beverages
• Talk about likes and dislikes in foods and beverages
• Express how often an action is done
• Understand cultural perspectives on meals
Quizlet Vocab Chap 3A

Weeks 19-20
Capítulo 3B (Healthy lifestyle)
• Talk about foods and beverages for dinner
• Describe what people and things are like
• Discuss food, health and exercise choices
• Understand cultural perspectives on diet and health
Quizlet Vocab Chap 3B

Grammar PowerPoints for Spanish 1
Realidades Level 1 Grammar PowerPoints Link

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