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Antelope Learning Lab (ALL):
Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:45 - 4:30.  Held in the Libraries on Tuesday and Thursday and in L-110 on Wednesdays.  ALL offers a quiet place to work with access to technology, language services and peer tutors.  Bus service is now available at 4:30 pm on the days ALL is operating.  Additionally, it is FREE!

Extra Help From Your Teacher
Extra help is available from your teacher during intervention.  Many teachers also offer tutoring before or after school a couple of times per week.  Check with your teacher to find out when they are available to help.

Math Office:
The math office is in Room L-109.  You can usually find a math teacher in here before or after school.

Math Lab:
This is a place to work on your homework and ask questions of the teacher running the math lab that day.  Date and times TBA.

Other Ideas:
*Find a friend or two and form a small study group.
*There are lots of great resources online.  One of the best is Khan Academy.... Google it!
*Ask questions during class.  If you are confused or have questions... work with your partners, with your groups, and with your teacher!

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