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Photo Parent Information

Yearbook will be collecting photos of students at school events throughout the year.  If you are a photo parent for your child's classroom, that means you are responsible for making sure that classroom is well represented in the yearbook. 

Photo Guidelines
  • Group pictures of 3 or more students have a better chance of making it into the yearbook pages
  • Makes sure you ask the students to look at you and smile!
  • Do not take photos of students who ask you not to take their picture.  We must respect their privacy.
  • Photos must be taken on school property or at a school/PTA sponsored event. 
  • Submit clear, quality photos.  If your resolution is too low it will not be considered for yearbook.
  • NO Screenshots or copied photos from a website/app, they will not be high resolution.  You must submit the original file
  • Email photos with as much detail as you can.  Grade, event, class, names of students. This helps us place photos on the proper pages.  
Email photos to Alyssa Taylor at