Gordon Taylor OBE, Chief Executive of the Professional Footballers Association (PFA)

on Richard Brook's articles on cardiac arrests in modern football:

"I will refer your comments to my Deputy, who deals with medical matters on behalf of the PFA in order that he can raise this at the appropriate medical committee meeting."

Carlton Palmer, ex-England International and Sheffield Wednesday player

on Richard Brook's article on the subject of players making themselves prematurely unavailable for England:

"Very well said. A fantastic article and nothing but the truth."

Henry Winter, Football Correspondent, The Telegraph

on Richard Brook's article on Sir Dave Richards remarks in Qatar:

"A very good read. Nice intro."

Richard articles have also been re-tweeted or made a favourite tweet on twitter by:
Glen Moore, Football Editor, The Independent
Martin Lipton, Chief Football Writer, The Daily Mirror
Martin Hardy, Football Writer, The Independent
Jacob Steinberg, Football Writer, The Guardian

Richard is also particularly proud of the feedback he has received from fellow fans:

Reader, Max Jones commented as follows on Who Cares About Hereford United? A piece that so far received 233 Facebook likes:

"Brilliant article, brilliantly written. This should be the lead article of all the national newspapers’ sports sections. This is what matters to the vast majority of football supporters. Who did or didn’t shake hands with whom, should be the stuff of gossip columns or ‘celebrity’ rags, not the subject of front or back pages. We need much more of this kind of reporting."

A fan of Aston Villa wrote of Richard's piece on Alex McLeish being sacked:

"Good article, how can a Sheff Wed fan see what we see but the majority of the press simply put it down to BCFC connection?!"

A fan of Richard's own team, Sheffield Wednesday, wrote:

"Another excellently written article. Good luck and look forward to reading more from you."