Richard Brook is a, 33 year old, football writer living in the midlands. Richard graduated from University with and LLB (Hons) Law degree and currently works full time in the I.T. sector. Richard lives in Warwickshire and spends what little free time being a dad to a beautiful 5 year old girl affords him following Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, and football more generally, and writing on these subjects.

Richard is very proud to currently write for Sheffield Wednesday's match programme, The Daisy Cutter, Shoot!, and Eevee Life - and to be asked to contribute annually to World Soccer's season preview, on the subject of Sheffield Wednesday.

When he was two years old Richard's grandpa put his first ever, Wednesday shirt on him and he never looked back, indeed while Richard was a student he attended all Sheffield Wednesday's first and reserve team home games.

Richard has always had a passion and talent, for written English, since he was a school boy. Previously Richard combined this with his love of rock music to write album and gig reviews for the internationally available heavy metal magazine Zero Tolerance.

Richard is delighted to be utilising his writing talents again, on his greatest love outside of his family, Sheffield Wednesday and football. Richard enforces tight deadlines on himself, to make sure the article is submitted after work, on the day on which the story breaks to ensure it is relevant and newsworthy when it is published. When match reporting, for example, Richard works to a deadline of full-time in the match that is being reported. This 'on the whistle' match reporting is an industry standard.

Richard would like to thank Stephen Tudor at The Daisy Cutter for giving him the opportunity to write for his wonderful football site. It was a great opportunity and Daisy remains Richard's favourite football website of it's type.