Mission Statement

The mission of Responsible River Management is to be a multi-state organization that includes individuals, businesses, municipalities, and transportation interests who, together, comprise a significant economic impact on the Midwest and entire United States.

Our goal is to have input and incidence to affect change in the priorities, policies, and procedures in the current and future management of the Missouri River and its effects on the Mississippi River Basin, so the economic viability, rural and community cultures, and history will be preserved.


Communications and Correspondence

  • Elaine Binder 402-839-4305
  • Charlie Zanker 712-370-4557

Levees and Infrastructure

  • Bill Ettleman 402-297-5102 cell or 712-374-2783 home
  • Leroy Bowman 660-253-8150

Damage Assessment

  • Brian Johnson  712-370-2049
  • Leo Ettleman 712-313-0287


  • Brian Johnson 712-370-2049
  • Leo Ettleman 712-313-0287

E-mail responsiblerivermanagement@gmail.com