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A Visit to Robot Town

On Monday 24 June 2013, our Senior High robotics team visited the Riverside Early Years School in Bubenec to demonstrate some of our interactive robotics projects.

On display were:

Robo-Penguin and Moto-Meerkat
Robo-Penguin was programmed to explore a classroom and find the coldest, darkest corner to hide in.
The children chased him by shining torches at his sensors.

Moto-Meerkat was programmed to respond to a remote control.
Several children enjoyed steering the meerkat to different parts of the room.
It's harder than it looks, isn't it, teachers?

Farmyard and Jungle Dance Mats
Make a line of pigs, horses and sheep dance an Irish jig when you step on their mat.
Make elephants, monkeys, zebras and leopards line dance in the jungle.
We were really impressed by the way pairs of children co-operated to make patterns by taking turns.

Electronic Wind Chimes
Blow the foil strands together and make incredible music.
We programmed it so you could choose from nine different instruments.

The Alien Egg
How close can you get to it before it reacts?
If a shadow hits any of the three main faces of the egg, the computer screen turns a different colour, and the alien appears...