Riverside Medical Supply: Lymphedema Compression Pumps, Afflovests, NPWT Wound VACs and More!

We are a BOC-Accredited Medical Supplier, serving Physicians and Patients with Best-in-class Home Medical Equipment that treats Lymphedema, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, Wounds, Osteoarthritis, and More!

Testimonial from Green Hill Family Health:

Riverside Medical Supply has been a God-send to Green Hill Family Health Center! Rob has been able to quickly and very effectively help our patients with all of their needs. He is able to go to their homes, teach them and fit them for what they need. Some of these patient would not be able to leave their homes or do day to day activities without Rob and his services.

Rob makes it so easy for a busy family practice as ours, to order equipment. He goes above and beyond for our patients to make sure they are taken care of, no matter how long the drive or the time of day. He makes sure there is a phone call placed to the patient within 24 hours or sooner to set up an appointment with them to come to their home.

We wanted to find a company that has the same values and integrity that we do and we have found the company that stand by what they say and treats our patients as we do, like family.

-Beth P, Green Hill Family Health Center Practice Manager

Pneumatic Compression Pumps

Many of our patients have been able to start wearing their shoes again, increase their mobility, avoid cellulitis infections, and see 2-3" decrease in swelling from their very first compression therapy session!

Our compression pumps move the lymphatic buildup back into the healthy parts of the lymphatic system, resulting in reduction in swelling.

Patients whose Lymphatic systems have been compromised by chronic venous insufficiency, post-mastectomy, radiation, knee replacement surgery, or other trauma often experience Lymphedema--pronounced swelling in the lower extremities, or arms, or even the chest and abdomen.

High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation 'Afflovest'

Patients who struggle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, and certain Neuromuscular Diseases may have difficulty clearing their bronchial secretions. As a result, they suffer from chronic coughs and/or frequent chest infections, leading to costly hospitalizations, reduced lung function,

The Afflovest is the latest in High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation devices, offering a customizable therapy that helps the patient clear their bronchial secretions via Percussion, Vibration, and Drainage.

*Patients using Afflovest have full mobility, and do not need to be plugged into an outlet

*The Afflovest weighs only 3.5-8 lbs

*Afflovest is QUIET! Only 48 decibles, compared to 70 decibles or more

*Patients love and use it! Instead of air compression bladders that 'beat up' the patient, Afflovest has 8 oscillating motors around the chest wall, and feels more like a massage than a boxing match!

As a result, patient compliance is much higher!

Orthotic Braces

We offer a full range of Gold Standard orthotic braces, including Donjoy and Breg. We provide hands-on custom fitting service for superior patient outcomes.

It is amazing just how much instant relief a patient can experience by being expertly fitted with an osteoarthritis Knee Brace!

Orthotic braces available now include:

*Functional Osteoarthritis Braces

*ACL and PCL Knee Braces

*Adjustable ROM

*Patellofemoral, Post Op, and Pediatric Knee Braces

*Orthotic Braces for Back, Shoulder, Foot, Ankle, Hip, Wrist and Elbow

Please give us a try, by sending your next patient to us for a Compression Pump, High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Afflovest, or Orthotic Brace.

Your patient will thank you!