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Research Interests

Dr. Hitoshi MIYAMOTO
As of March 15, 2013

     Academic and Professional Interests 
  • 水工学, 環境水理学, 河川工学流域圏管理, 河道設計
  • Hydrology, EcoHydraulics, River Engineering, River Basin Management,  Stream Channel Design

Current Research Topics

My current research topics focus on Integrated River Basin Managements.  I am investigating the environmental issues in river basins mainly through field monitoring and physical modeling with special emphasis on hydrogeomorphological viewpoint.  In addition to these natural environmental problems in waters, I am currently interested in basin-wide water resources management which relates the natural water environment with social activities of human beings. I begin investigating the basin-wide water resources problems through GIS analysis and mathematical modeling.

Integrated River Basin Management:

     (1) Monitoring and Analysis of Stream Temperature in a River Basin
     (2) Development of Integrated Assessment Methods for Social and
          Natural Environments Based on Basin-Scale Hydro-Geomorphology
     (3) Vegetation Dynamics in a River Channel


 Previous Research Topics

(1) Flow and Mixing Properties in Wind-Induced Density Currents
(2) Turbulent Behavior in Open-Channel Cavity Flows analyzed by Using Image Measurements and Turbulence Models
(3) A Hybrid Analysis on Hierarchical Flow Structures in Complex Geometry Flows
 (4) Development of Simultaneous Measurements of Water-Surface Waves and Velocities Using Image Processing Technique
(5) Study on Planning and Design Strategies of Water Environment in Corporation with Local Community
(6) Development of Image Measurement Techniques for Suspended-Solid Concentration Field
(7) Development of a Low Dimensional Model for Complex Geographical Flows
(8) Experimental and Theoretical Studies on 'Free-Surface' effects on Turbulent Mixing and Transports in Open-Channel Flows
(9) Behavior of Water Surface Ripples on Open-Channel Turbulent Flows
(10) Hydraulic Bore in a Steep River Channel