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Minutes from the 2011 AGM have been posted on the Archive page.

Come to the annual Mermaid corn boil on Saturday 24 September at 1:30PM in the area behind the "River Meadows of Mermaid" sign. This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, as well as the Mermaid community at large. Please bring your own refreshments, and don't forget a chair.

The farmer looking after the green space will be applying a weed control pesticide sometime between 8 and 17 July 2011, dependent on wind and weather conditions. See notice for full details, and help spread the word to your neighbours who may not have registered for email announcements.

The annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup event this year is 17-25 Sep. Those of us who own waterfront property are encouraged to perform an extra inspection and cleanup during this period. Event website.


The annual Mermaid community corn boil is extended for a second day: Sunday 25 September, 1:30-4PM. Do not disappoint the organizers, and do not miss out on some great tasting corn from Baldersons. There is no charge. Just come, and be sure to bring the kids. Correction to earlier notice: some refreshments are supplied.

Wanted: Mosquito Hunters. River Meadows has its own mosquito control program that is supported by volunteers in our community. Training and provincial certification costs, as well as all supplies, are paid for by our H.O. association. Annual association dues are also waived for those who undergo the training and then participate in the program each year. Lots of information, including training manuals, is available on the PEI Gov Environmental website. New volunteers are needed. Please contact Ian Walker for more information.

Annual Spring Cleanup: metals (9-15 May); waste (16-22 May); compostable (23-29 May). IWMC info.

Women's Institute Roadside Cleanup Day - Sat 14 May. PEI WI website.

Our 2011 AGM will be on Mon 18 Apr at 7PM in the Southport Room of the Stratford Town Hall. Proposed agenda items may be sent to our secretary, Natalie Fraser,, or 569-5792. Our voluntary association dues for 2011 are still just $80 per family. Among other things, dues cover the cost of supplies and training for our mosquito control program. Please make cheques payable to "River Meadows of Mermaid Inc." (View 2011 Assoc Dues Invoice)

As you may have noticed by the change in our website url to, and other changes on our home page, our incorporation as "River Meadows of Mermaid Inc" has been finalized. I am pleased to announce the completion of this key step in our long-term plan to safeguard our collective interests in our subdivision. We will now move forward to gain control of, and begin to develop, the Green Space for our community. You may view our incorporation documents by clicking on Incorporation & Bylaws. Please check back for information about, and date of, our next AGM in April 2011.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about our association or our subdivision, please contact me or any other member of our Executive Committee. Thank you, Tony Pyke, Chair

Mermaid Community Free Corn Boil on Sat 18 Sep

There will be a free corn boil for Mermaid community residents on Sat 18 Sep, 2PM-4PM (corrected time), in the area behind our "River Meadows of Mermaid" sign. This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, as well as the Mermaid community at large. Please bring your own refreshments, and don't forget a chair. Rain date is Sun 19 Sep.

Association Dues Update: In 2008, 46 residents paid association dues; and, in 2009, the number was 52. So far, in 2010, only 30 residents have paid. We ask all residents to be active in our community, and to support our homeowners' association. Please contact our treasurer, Sandra Clements, if there are any questions about our membership dues. See Executive page for contact info.

Women's Institute Roadside Clean-Up Day is 15 May: WI Website

Website Update: Minutes of 2010 AGM & Chairperson's update to residents (see Archive)

Emergency Preparedness Week is 2-8 May 2010:

Annual Association Dues: Annual association dues of $80 per property are due for 2010. All River Meadows residents are requested to pay their 2010 dues to our treasurer, Sandra Clements. Cheques should be made payable to "MacKinnon S/D Homeowners' Association." The dues support our mosquito control program and green space maintenance. Our mosquito control program includes supplies, training, and licencing. All work is performed by volunteers who receive no remuneration for their services. (Invoice)