Welcome to Room 6

Term 3 is going to be fantastic. We are excited about every moment....watch this space... 
This term we are learning about Living Things and Non-Living Things. We are also exploring our school environment, learning about the different living things and their habitats! 

The weather was perfect for our Scavenger Hunt! 
        We sorted our objects into living and non-living things
                                                 Thank you Ferzeen Dadabhoy for spoiling us with                       Preparing seeds for my sprout house!                                                                                   lunch on YOUR birthday. We loved it and Happy Birthday!

   Show and Tell is proving to be the best part about           Meet Coral! She visited our class for a week!         Max's bean is starting to sprout and 
    Fridays! We don't only talk about our special                         We are watching her everyday and                    grow in his little sprout house.
      toys we bring from home, we write about                                       writing stories about her.
                               them too!

Susan Heeps visited Room 6 to teach us about balloons! Can you                   What a great Wheels Day! Thank you councillors for
believe there are 10 inflated balloons under this table? We balanced .              your help! All our students were involved in different
and moved from side to side with only 1 balloon popping! WOW!                      activities. They wore their helmets and won little spot
We can't wait to write about our learning! Thank you Whaea Susan!                 prizes for being careful around other students.

Our Poetry Recital was just spectacular! Well done Room 6                  Briana's seed has grown quickly.
and thank you Mr Engineer for judging our recital. Our students 
were confident and excited to share their learning. 

We worked together to create a piece of art to show the habitat of
living creatures which we observed in our school environment. 

Welcome to a brand new year where we are exploring Hauora, and learning more about our well-being. This year we have already started getting to know each other in Room 6. Please feel free to visit our classroom, we would love to share our learning with you!   Mrs Denis
  What a great start to the year. We are already starting to make new friendships and get along. Please visit our class whanau and friends, we would enjoy showing you our learning!  Mrs Denis   
               We made some delicious jelly today and wrote a story about it. Yummy!!
        We made some delicious blue jelly today and wrote stories about it. 
                                                What yummy jelly!     

Term 2 has already proved to be busy and full of wonderful different activities.
We worked really hard at our Softball skills in the first few weeks of the term.         Samoan Language week. We enjoyed every moment when Tai
                                                                                                                                     visited the Junior School to share what it was like growing 
                                                                                                                                                      up in Samao. "Fa'afetai Tai!"

The Howick Historical Village visit was a highlight for our class  
this term. We found precious artefacts hidden in the sand and 
described them and then tried to name them. We loved every

Just LOOK at our fantastic self-portraits....please pop into Room 6 to see even more...