2018 Room 4 winning speech for Year 3 and 4's Congratulations.


         Bullying is not cool

I truly believe school would be amazing if there were no Bullies around.

So what is bullying? Bullying is when someone hurts other peoples feelings Or physically hurts you by hitting, punching, tripping, pinching or some other physical way of hurting someone.

Someone doing this continually is a bully  

                               Not cool!

To start with, imagine if someone keeps calling you names or physically attacks you and takes your stuff from you everyday. WOULD you WANT TO COME TO SCHOOL ? surely not! You would probably want to stay home. Bullies affect how people feel about themselves everyone wants to feel happy and is entitled to feel safe and happy where ever they are, including at school.

And a bully can take that away from you and make you  Feel unsafe

Secondly bullies think they are cool and strong but they are just sad and pathetic, A bully can become a bully because they don’t have things that you do and they want it so they bully you to get what they want. A bully might be someone who just wants to make others sad. Bullies make you lose your confidence.

Thirdly bullying also affects other people who have to deal with the problem like teachers, parents, and other kids when this happens a lot of time is wasted for nothing. Plus for teachers and parents this can be very sad having to deal with bullies who don’t know how to behave.

Lastly bullies annoy other people repeatedly and they  don’t stop until they get told of. They think it’s funny when they are picking on someone but this is not funny it’s sad they don’t care if the person is crying,  bullies are mean.

Let’s say no to bullying,  me and you should stand against them and say enough is enough and end bullying once and for all. Then school would be amazing lets be a bully free school.