All About Room 1

Term 3 2018

Wow what a busy term we have already!

This term we have started our Rod Dixon KidsMarathon running. Every Tuesday and Thursday the Room 1, 3, 4, and 5 students hit the pavement trying to accumulate their laps. Over the duration of the term they will have run the 42kms needed to receive a medal! Its always a highlight of the year. 


We also have our Inter-School Cross Country team training for the competition day. They will be running extra laps during Morning Teas to get them ready for the mud, water and fun they will have!

The NED Show has already visited us this term and they have a fantastic message that they are spreading around the world. Ask your children what the name NED stands for! 


Electives have started and this year they are a little different from other years because we have the whole school involved! The students love participating in electives as they get to learn new skills and extend their creativity. These are held every Friday from 11 am until 12.15. The Cooking group this year is also going to try to do a little fundraising for the school by selling the products that they are making. At only 50c it is a great opportunity for students to try new food!

Our Inquiry for this term is focussed on Ecosystems. Room 1 will be looking at a range of ecosystems including Bees. We even have a special talk coming up with an apiarist (Bee Keeper) and a cool show. 

We also have a new Discovery Table in Room 1! On it you will find a range of dead and alive insects and spiders, some plants that are growing and a microscope! It is all very interesting!!!

With all of these exciting things happening and more we are going to be zooming through the term!

Term 2 2018

What a start we have to had to term 2! We were lucky enough to have some softball coaches here for week 1 & 2, teaching us all about how to throw and catch a softball and playing some fun games. 


On a Friday afternoon while some of us are at Pasifika and KapaHaka Practice, the rest of us are working in a 'Gardening Club' with Mrs Moffat. So far we have weeded the main vegetable gardens and the barrels outside Room 1. Now we just need to source some plants for planting in them!


We have also been lucky enough to have a Student Teacher with us for 5 weeks. Mrs Sharon McGrath has brought lots of ideas to Room 1 and we love looking for her Brain Teaser every morning, it has become a ritual that I think I will need to carry on!

St Johns paid us a visit this term. We learnt about the different ways to keep ourselves safe when jumping from different heights and what to do if we found somebody who was injured.

It also happened to be pink day so we all look our best in pink!



We were most impressed with Lama's effort with dressing all in pink!

Term 1 2018

Welcome back to the new school year! What an exciting year we have planned. I am looking forward to getting to know all the new room 1 students and their whanau. Please feel free to pop in and see me.

Rebecca Haletama

As a part of getting to know each other our first task together as a class was to try to assemble a GIANT puzzle which had no instructions! It was great fun because we had coloured in a piece each and it made the puzzle really colourful. Come and see it in our cloakroom!

Through our discussions about the Treaty of Waitangi we read a book called "The Tree Hut Treaty". This helped in our discussions about why we need a class treaty. Again we worked collaboratively to brainstorm all the things we think are important so that everyone feels safe and happy in Room 1. We considered the points of view of everyone that works in our shared space. After our group brainstorms we came back to the carpet and each group shared one point from their brainstorm. We found that lots of our ideas were shared by other people. We also found that they linked quite well to our PB4L (Positive Behaviour 4 Learning) Framework that we will be using this year. We voted on the language we wanted to use and then Mrs Haletama typed our Class Treaty up. After it was printed we all had to sign the treaty to say that we agreed to the terms of our treaty. 


We also had a bit of excitement in our forest! One of our huge trees had fallen over in the storm and it needed to be removed so that we could safely play in the forest again. The whole school decided to go out to the field and watch the tree men cut it down. 


Tree Falling

Tree 2

We have started an exciting art project too! We are creating abstract portraits using black paper, PVA glue and pastels. Here are a few photos of our work so far. They are all so unique and going to look AMAZING once they are finished. Pop in to see them in a couple of weeks when they will hopefully be displayed on the wall. 




Check out our video from our awesome trip to the Wero White Water Park last year. Made possible by the Find your Field of Dreams Foundation!!!

Our Trip to Vector Whitewater Park! Thanks to Find your Field of Dreams Foundation!