Children who speak an additional language at home are acquiring two languages. Many of these children may require English language instruction.
Our program supports children who are English learners (ELs)
  • dual language learners or emergent bilinguals if they are still developing language,
  • English language learners if they speak another language at home and are now learning English or
  • bilingual learners, they speak both their home language and English at home.

The following criteria set by the
NJDOE and will help us to determine if a child needs ESL services:

  • Home Language Survey indicating that the child speaks another language at home or another language and English at home
  • Language screening tool to assess the level of English language proficiency (WIDA MODEL)
  • Interviews with parents and child (Kindergarten only)
  • Classroom observations with classroom teachers
  • ACCESS scores and other information received from previous district if a child has already received ESL services

Instructional Strategies:

  • Pre-teaching the content and vocabulary

  • Modifying instruction

  • Providing modifications for classroom teachers

  • Using visuals to access content

  • Encouraging use of home language to support English learning

Our Model of Instruction:

    We provide instruction aligned with the WIDA Standards and the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

    Our instruction includes:

    • supporting the students in their classroom with the teacher (push-in)

    • supporting the students in small groups in the ESL classroom (pull-out)

    • teaching alongside the classroom teacher focusing on the language use while the teacher focuses on the concepts (co-teaching).

    Assessment and Monitoring Progress:

    For placement: WIDA MODEL

    During the year: unit tests, observations, classroom assessments (TC, LinkIt, PALS)

    Summative: ACCESS 2.0 for ELLS 

    You may contact us by email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

    Monica Schnee - Coordinator/Teacher

    Veronica Kim

    Mariana Marinich


      ELL Parent Evening Presentation

      Click Here to View Presentation

      The ESL Curriculum
      Click Here to See Curriculum

      The New Jersey Department of Education, Bilingual Office (http://www.state.nj.us/education/bilingual/)

      WIDA (http://www.wida.us/standards/)

      U.S. Department of Education, English Learner Tool Kit (https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oela/english-learner-toolkit/index.html)

      Bilingual books



      Parents are notified in their home language and English by mail if their child has been:

      placed in the ESL program (entry), continues to receive services (continuation) or no longer needs ESL support (exit). 

      Below are the letters in English, Korean and Spanish. If you speak a different language, please use google to translate these documents into your home language.

      Entry - English

      Continuation - English

      Exit - English

      Entry - Korean

      Continuation - Korean

      Exit - Korean

      Entry - Spanish

      Continuation - Spanish

      Exit Letter - Spanish

      9/26/17 - Explaining ACCESS 2.0 Scores to Parents - 8:45 am, NBC Project Room

      10/10/17 - ELL Parent Evening - 7:00pm, NBC Project Room

      Future meetings: 
      Parent Advisory Committee - please consider joining to support our program and your children. 
      Stay tuned for emails and notices on our next meeting dates.