The place that brings all our safety systems, updates and important documents into one place. It is also a way for new staff members to become familiar with the way we do things at Riverdale and the 'culture of safety' we have. We operate two systems at Riverdale; one for our policies and procedures, Schooldocs and one hub controlled by People Safe where all our Risks, Safety Plans, Forms, Training and Gear Checks are managed.
People Safe


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See Sue Meurk or Andrea Harnett if you need help to access this site.

Please use this site to complete all forms related to risks, hazards or near misses, read safety plans specific to our school or confidential emergency procedures.
For access to this site;
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See Andrea Harnett if you are having problems accessing this site.

Use this site to find all types of policies and procedures including; forms related to EOTC experiences, complaints, disclosures and how the school operates from every aspect.