Children's Healing Art Project

    Children's Healing Art Project (CHAP) brings art to children in hospitals and their families. They offer art classes that turn nervous energy into creative energy. CHAP creates a place where children can be seen for artistic talent not their disease, diagnosis, or disability. They also have an Art Factory, which is open to children who were in the hospital and are still recovering from their illness.
    Several students from Service Leadership Class found CHAP inspirational and decided to get involved and support this organization. During an assembly they taught the whole school about the mission of CHAP and how to get involved. Many students went to the Art Factory and worked side-by-side with the children, helping them create art. Others worked at the CHAP store, where the children's art is sold.
    The students from Service Leadership organized an art supply drive to collect materials, such as paint, markers, paper, and clay, for the children to use. The students also worked with the art classes to host their Winter Formal as a fundraiser for CHAP. The art class created their own posters to advertise the event, and created art to be displayed during the dance as a reminder of the cause.

To learn more about CHAP visit their website!