Biggest Lung

    The Biggest Lung Competition is an annual fundraiser in which students of all grades compete to see who has the biggest lungs of the school. This project is done in conjunction with the freshmen Genetics class and their research into genetic diseases. The profits of the competition all go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF), an organization that works with people who are diagnosed with this genetic disease. Cystic Fibrosis is caused by a mutated gene that produces a thick mucus that builds up in the lungs resulting in many life threatening conditions. Students pay fifty cents for a balloon in which they take inhale and exhale once in the balloon. The balloons are measured by the circumference. One boy and one girl from each grade with the highest measurements compete at community meeting to see who has the biggest lungs in the school. In the year 2009 when the fundraiser only took place for the freshman class, over $60 was raised for CFF. In 2010 nearly $200 was raised, and through other fundraising efforts a totally of over $1,000 was donated to CFF at the end of the year. This is one of the many successful fundraisers held at Riverdale High School, and students spend their spare time during the summer exercising their lungs for the next competition!