H2O for Life

The H2O class of Riverdale partnered with Kabuling Day Care in the Phillipines and the Viragoni Nursery School in Kenya through an the organization H20 for Life. They organized multiple fundraisers as well as studied water from an artistic, ecological, chemical, economical, and ethical point of view.

H20oooh dance-The student’s of H20 class decided to sponsor the school’s homecoming dance. Since the date of the dance was close to Halloween, they decided on a costume dance and the name H20oooh. The student’s tried to keep dance expenses at a minimum to donate as much of the proceeds to H20 for life; making their own posters and invitations, and using their own decorations to save money.

Microbes-The H20 class sold small, stuffed microbes to raise awareness of waterborne pathogens. Here is an example of one of the microbes sold, Polio:

T-shirts-For two weeks T-shirts, with the silhouette of Africa and H20 written across it, were sold. Sweat-shirts were also available, but had to be specially ordered. Students could purchase the shirts before school, during lunch, and after school.

Fountain walk-To see how water is used everyday in an artistic way, the students went on a field trip to walk through the 11 fountains in downtown Portland.

Bull Run Watershed-The students took a field trip to the Bull Run Watershed to see the source of tap water for all of Portland. They explored and tested the water quality.

FLOW -Some of the students went to see the movie For the Love Of Water (FLOW), which was showing for one weekend at a movie theater. FLOW is a documentary on the question “can anyone own water?” The movie focuses on politics, pollution, human rights, and the emergence of a domineering world water group.

LEED house -A neighboring house to Riverdale High School is a certified LEED house (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design). The students toured his house and learned about how he purified water collected from his roof for drinking water, and other uses around his house.

Student lessons -Each student in the class chose a topic related to water to research over the course of the trimester. They were each assigned one or two days to teach the class about their subject. These topics looked at water from a biological, chemical, and economical view and ranged from melting ice caps, coral reefs, dead zones, waterborne pathogens, to water conservation. The student led lessons included a power point presentation, vocabulary, art projects, and games.

The results of our efforts:
We raised over $5,000 and were able to support Viragoni Nursery School in Kenya and the Kabuling Day Care in the Phillipines
                                        A Water Well                                                                                A Bathroom