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Q: What is Riverdale High School?
A: Riverdale High School is a school in the Riverdale School district located in Oregon between Portland and Lake Oswego.
Q: What is Riverdale High School's mission?
A: The mission of Riverdale High School is to teach students to be thoughtful in their education, about each other, and for their community. In a positive atmosphere of academic excellence, students prepare to meet the challenges of college and the opportunities of life.
Q: What is the Senior Exhibition?
A: The Senior Exhibition is a three part project that the student chooses to work on for the majority of the school year. The three parts are: a paper, a service learning project, and a public presentation.
Q: What is a service learning project?
A: A service project is a self directed project that benefits the community.
Q: Isn't that just community service?
A: No, it is not community service. A service learning project is organized and executed by the student and should teach them some valuable skill or lesson.
Q: How long does a student work on their Senior Exhibition?
A: The process usually starts in early November and most students are finished with everything by the middle of May.
Q: What can the student choose for their Senior Exhibition?
A: Anything as long as it meets the requirements set by the teacher. You can see some topics here and service learning projects here.
Q: I am interested in coming to see a public presentation. Can I come see one?
A: Of course you can come see a public presentation. Just check the time, date, and location of it here.
Q: Where can I learn more information about Riverdale and its Senior Exhibition?
A: You can browse the Riverdale site or email us