Welcome to Kindergarten!!

The Spring Music Concert
Thursday, May 24th at 7pm
Please arrive at 6:30 in the Commons. Molly has asked the kids be dressed in 'dressy Spring' attire. Also, unfortunately, I will not be able to be there. There is a group of courageous parents that have volunteered to watch the kiddos in the Commons, help to get them lined up and to walk with them into the gym. Barbara Lamb is going to sit in front of them to help with the body movements and such. After thier performance if you are ready to go, please don't hesitate to check out with 1 of the parents and take your kinder home to bed. Thanks again to all the parent volunteers! 

The Kinders Got Talent!
Friday, June 1st from 10:40-12
Yes, we are entering the talent show as a class. I have filled out all the necessary paperwork and we have been practicing for some time now. We are going to sing a short worm song accompanied with body movements only our kinders could dream up. We are ready. As soon as I know which number act we will be I will let you know a more accurate time frame. If you would like the words to the song for more practice just let me know. All are welcome to come watch- bring your video camera!

Bishop's Close
Monday, June 4th 10:45-11:45am 
Volunteers needed! Please let me know if you are interested.

Kindergarten Picnic
 Thursday, June 7th 11:45
Please send your kinder with a sack lunch and picnic blanket if you've got one. We are going to enjoy a nice picnic lunch together as a class. All are welcome! The picnic will either be on campus or in a nearby yard.

Kinder Graduation
Wednesday, June 13 th at 1:30pm
 All are welcome!! We will start with our, 'I am proud of myself' statements , a short slideshow, certificate ceremony, enjoy special snacks together and end with time for everyone to sign graduation bears. If you are interested in helping please let me know. 

The kids are begging to do, 'just 1 more sharing'. The schedule is below, if for some reason your slot isn't going to work, just let me know and we will rearrange. Please remember, their sharing doesn't have to be a rehearsed speech, it is just something that is important to them that they would like to share with their friends. 
May 30th- Matthew and Nial
May 31st- Roman and Sam
June 4th - Reese and Evan
June 5th - Jack and Avinash
June 6th- Lucy and Winslow
June 7th- Sarah and Mateo
June 8th- Dylan and Summer
June 12th- Soleil, Lincoln and cora

Wonderland Play
There are 3 kinders in the upcoming musical at Riverdale. I am going and think it would be sooo much fun for our kinders to support our drama experts. I know that it will be at the school and will be an evening event. As soon as the dates are nailed down I will send out an email.  

What Is A Mammal?
Our study of mammals will be the last science unit of the year. We will investigate what a mammal is, the habitats and diets of different mammals. We will also discuss the different ways in which living things can be grouped (e.g., plants/animals; pets/nonpets; edible plants/nonedible plants) and purposes of different groupings. Our kinders will get a surprise mammal visit on Monday, June 11th thanks to the Sanders family.    

We Are Ready For The 1st Grade!
We will be spending some class time during the last 2 weeks talking about what it means to be ready for 1st grade. We will discuss all our our new knowledge and what we are proud of both as a class community and on a personal level.  

 Illustration study 
We have been studying the illustration choices of  Eric Carle. The kids are noticing his patterns such as; time, animals, hues, colors, size of font and usage of multiple art mediums. Last week I was asked if we could get Eric Carle to come book make with us so he could learn how we use our illustration choices to make our books more interesting ;) 
During our book making and journal time we are going to focus on rereading and editing our own work to make sure it makes sense. We want to read like writers and write like readers. This is very hard for some of our kinders, but is worth it when it is time to share our writing or continue where we left off the day before. :)

We have been solving and enacting simple addition and subtraction story problems. After an initial lesson in which our kinders act out situations narrated by me, problems are presented in pictures and words. Children are encouraged to develop their own ways to represent these mathematical situations, and to share their thinking via drawings and numbers made on individual chalkboards.  Due to the spectrum of abilities in our class I will be working with small groups more often as the year comes to an end.

Half of our math time is devoted to Work Places which are games and activities designed to be used independently or with a partner.  Work Places also facilitate inventing, creating, communicating, negotiating, sorting, counting, comparing, and community-building. We will be rolling out many new Work Places which revolve around working with quantities to 30, estimating, and measuring. Ten-frames, coins, and Unifix cubes organized into groups of 5 and 10 maintain a steady presence, as our kinders learn to count, read, write and understand numbers to 30 and beyond.

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns I urge you to come to me first. Let's discuss them together to get at the bottom of it. This is your classroom too and I want everyone to feel connected and part of the learning that is happening in room 106.




Special Dates
5/24 Spring Music Concert 7pm
6/1 Talent show 
6/1 Field Day 1:30-3:30
6/4 Bishop's Close
6/7 Picnic
6/11  mammal visit
6/13- Graduation @ 1:30


Mon. - Art
- Library (check-out)
- Music
- P.E
- Library (Literacy)

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