Useful Links

Penguin/Continent Study

Native American Study


Healthy Eating

Bridge Sites

Let's look at our Portland bridges.

Bridges that will dazzle your mind.

African biomes

Let's go on a journey to Africa and learn about the land, animals, plants and people of Africa.
We will learn about the savanna, desert, and rain forest on this large continent.

This will take you to the desert.

This will take you to the savanna.

This will take you to the rain forest.

Common trees of the Pacific Northwest

What trees live in our neighborhood?

Animal and Plant Classification Sites  This site provides lots of scientific information about plants, their classifications, their cells, and their functions.

Zimbabwean Artist's Project

Going to school in Zimbabwe

 What is it like to be a student in Zimbabwe?

OAKS Testing Practice

Accelerated Math

This will take you to the accelerated math program.

Ancient Egypt Websites

Ask Dr. Dig
Questions that will help you focus on your research.

This is an important site for research

How to make your own papyrus


Guardians Site :  You can find all kinds of topics for further research on this main page!

Try here if you would like to do some interactive work to see how much you know about Ancient Egypt.  It also has lots of great information that other students collected!

Ancient Egypt for Kids  You'll find lots of great information in well organized categories.  Some pages have links to videos or pictures which help explain the information even more!