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Poetry Reading
The children read three poems from our classroom anthology, The Rainbow of Poetry. It was our last day of school together and we needed to take a MeMoves movement break during the readings.

Poetry reading

Parent volunteers
We had daily parent volunteers in our classroom each day.  Here are a few that I was able to catch in the last week of school.

Parent volunteers

Measurement, Data, and Multi-digit computation with Marble Rolls

The students made ramps out of cardboard tubes to investigate some of the variables that affect the distance a marble will roll.  Once they had some time to freely explore the basic materials, children measured marble roll distances as they changed ramp height, marble mass, and ramp length. They organized their data, created line plot graphs and analyzed the results.

Marble Roll Experiments

Paperclip Math
How long is a chain of 1,000 paperclips?  The children worked with partners building alternate groupings of ten blue and white paperclips to make a chain of 100 paperclips. We hooked them together and measured the length of the hallway.  The clips made it to the children's bathrooms.  We will use these paperclips for further study in place value and large numbers on a number line. Check out our paperclip number line in the hallway.

Paperclip math

Zoo Trip
The children met their high school buddies after months of correspondence. We were treated to a beautiful late winter day. We loved our time together.

Zoo trip

Happy Valentine's Day
The children enjoyed a simple party as they relaxed and opened up their valentines.  The enjoyed the red themed treats: watermelon, grapes, strawberries, juice, and small cupcakes.  Thank you room parents:  Ashleigh Gunter, Christina Clarke and support from Kira Donohoo, Catherine Bekooy, and extra Rice Krispy treats from Tiana Dixon.

Valentine's Day

Happy Halloween
How can you make a spider with oreos, pretzels, honey, and sunflower seeds?  The children enjoyed mummy juices, popcorn and caramel applesThank you room parents:  Rose Laughlin, Jennifer Wang, Ashleigh Gunter, Kerri Picket-Hoffman, Christina Clarke and support from Tiana Dixon.


Art Literacy
Kira Donohoo, Edwin Wang, Tiana Dixon, Jen Wilcoxen, and Christina Clarke introduced Portland bridge designs alongside the magic of French impressionist painter, Claude Monet.  The children painted their own natural backgrounds with bridges.

Art Lit

Number Racks
The classrooms built a cool calculating tool together.  The number rack helps the children visualize groups of fives and tens as they move their beads across a pipe cleaner to make calculations.

Number Racks

Storytelling with Anne Rutherford
The PTC approved a grant for our primary blend.  The grant focused on writing and storytelling.  Artist in resident, Anne Rutherford is working with the children to write and tell their stories to an audience.  She mesmorized all of us with her spirit and narration.  She will work with each primary classroom over the next two weeks as the children plan and write their own stories.

Storyteller Anne Rutherford

Personal Collages
Class, where are we from?...We created colorful collages based on our lives. We shared them with the class and wrote poems about ourselves. 

Personal Collage

Popsicle Math
We learned to count by two's on the hundred's chart, tally groups of five, write story problems, graph data and write algebraic equations from our data. We also enjoyed eating popsicles.

Popsicle Math

Book Baggies
The children have a baggy of "just right" books to read during SQUIRT (special quiet reading time).  They also pick out their own choice books to read.

Book Baggy Books

Collage Journals
We decorated our daily writing journals with pictures, stickers, and cards.

Journal Collages

Classroom Buddies
We meet with Ms. Evans' class every Friday.

Classroom buddies

We will have a wonderful year together.

First week of school
Getting to know each other and our routines.

First week of school

Sit back and enjoy a video of our 2012-2013 school year together .
Hardwork, mindfulness, and joy filled our year as first and second graders learned and worked together.

Our School Year Together.m4v

The children made polygons from cutting squares along a diagonal and fitting them together on congruent sides.  Later they learned how to make translations (slides), rotations, and reflections using their polygons.


Jackson Bottoms
Why do we need nature?  We traveled to Jackson Bottoms to sense how important nature is in our lives.  We viewed tiny frogs, duck eggs, killdeer nest, wildflowers and hundreds of birds finding sanctuary in these wetlands.

Jackson Bottoms

Children's Plays

    The children wrote their own plays.  They practiced them, made props and
presented them to their classmates.  The three plays were very different. 
    Spirits that are Secret featured nature spirits that were enslaved by humans. Will the spirits find freedom? 
    Aliens in America introduced unusual aliens visiting New York City for the first time.  Will they stay on Earth?
    Miss Tam visits Paris revisits our beloved Miss Tam (from the ReadWell series) and sends her off to discover Paris for the first time.  Will she return to Montgomery, Alabama her home?

Children's plays

Mother's Day Tea
The children made a memory book for their mothers.  They also captured moments in their Mothers' lives through haiku. Colorful hats, bingo (with adjectives describing their mothers) and cake helped make our afternoon a celebratory event.

Mother's Day Tea

Yoga in the classroom helps us stay calm and focus on our schoolwork.


Special Guest Day
The children shared their paleontology work. Others took their guests to their cubbies and presented their math and poetry folders.

Special Guest Day

Completed Dinosaur Stories
The groups were very proud of their collaborative work.

Group Dinosaur Stories

Dinosaur Exhibition
The children's work is an example of mindful and intentional learning.  They worked diligently and joyfully throughout our Paleontology unit. They shared their paleontology research and collaborative stories with students and parents.  They became experts in their field.

Dinosaur Exhibition

OMSI Paleontology Lab and exhibits
The children were engaged and curious during our time at OMSIThey learned that paleontologists are very patient as they excavate fossils.  The children used a drill and tools to clean sand and rock from real fossils.  They also enjoyed various exhibits and eating lunch in the restaurant.

OMSI Paleontology lab

Math Present and Parcel problems
The children wrote story problems for their classmates to solve. Presents are packaged in sets of ten as well as individually.

Math Presents and Parcel problems

Winter plays
The children love to present plays that they read in their guided reading groups.  Here are two plays:  Stone Soup, The Giant Jumperee and the Singing Giant.

Winter plays

Winter Art Lit.
The children painted abstract roses based on Duffy's roses.  Their paintings hung in the Lake Oswego Library.

Winter Art Lit.

What does 1000 look like?
In our new math module, Counting to 1000, the children counted and organized large numbers using a variety of manipulatives including craft sticks, base ten area pieces, and unifix cubes.

What does 1000 look like?

Our Winter Holiday Party
    All three primary classrooms watched The Polar Express.  Parents served the children popcorn, grapes, hot chocolate and donut holes.  The children found bells at their table spots at the end of the movie.  It was a simple and meaningful gift.

Winter Holiday Party

World Holidays and Celebrations
    Children love to share their family celebrations with the class.

World holidays and celebrations



Art Literature

       The fall focus was on Paul Klee. Mary Potter introduced the children to a thoughtful quote by Klee, "A drawing is a line going for a walk."  The children worked on colorful line drawings.  There was beauty in their simple designs.

Paul Klee

Language Arts
    The children are working independently on a language arts menu while Ms. G. works with small guided reading groups.

language arts

Math Work Places
    The children work independently or with a partner on math games and projects.

Math work places

Child of the Week
    Each week a child will present a picture timeline of his/her life to the class.

Child of the week

Late September Together
    We made Rosh Hashana placemats for Robeson Home, ate challah and apples with honey, created repeat or growing patterns in math, and read our first stories.


Watching our community grow and learn.
    This week we shared our first stories about ourselves, counted money for our daily calendar date, drew self-portraits of our buddies in Ms. Evans' class, used Venn diagrams to sort objects according to different attributes, began our falcon glyphs, and used a classroom menu to keep ourselves organized.

Watch our community grow and learn

Building our new classroom community
September 2012

Building our new classroom community

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