Current 2020-2021 Courses:

Algebra I (Fall)

Algebra II (Fall)

Advanced Algebra II (Fall)

Clubs and Organizations:

Leadership Team (Application)

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

Games Club

School Climate Survey

Previous courses:

Algebra I (Spring)

Algebra II (Spring)

Advanced Algebra II (Spring)

Advanced Precalculus (Spring)

Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (Spring)

Board Game Strategy and Design (Winter)

20th Century German Studies (Winter)

Algebra I with Ms. Picton (Spring)

Previous activities:

Field Studies Survey | Dining options

Courses offered later this year:

Algebra I (Winter)

Precalculus (Winter)

Advanced Precalculus (Winter)

Equity + Identity - LGBTQ+ (Spring '21)

Probability and Statistics (Spring)

Future courses:

Equity + Identity - Women's Studies (Winter '21)

Equity + Identity - Race (Spring '23)