Apartment Security Options

Alarm Options bySimpliSafe

Tenants may opt for SimpliSafe's 24/7 monitoring & 911-dispatching service, furnished by COPS Monitoring or any other affiliate party of SImpliSafe (the Service). Should they choose to do so, RIthy Properties can furnish & install SimpliSafe's Home Security System (the System), to the latter's specifications, at no upfront cost. The system can utilize a landline, if the Tenant has one already, but does not require it, since it primarily communicates via cell-phone technology.

The Tenant's total monthly cost equals SimpliSafe's monitoring charge, paid to the latter; plus an additional $5 for RIthy Properties' related costs (the Alarm Fee)Rithy Properties will collect SimpliSafe's charge and advance it appropriately, at the time when it receives the Alarm Fee. Currently available monitoring options are listed below, with quoted prices including the Alarm Fee:
- $19.99/mo for monitoring - COPS Monitoring will be communicating w/the Tenant over the phone; or
- $24.99/mo for additional texting functionality; or
- $29.99/mo for additional smart-phone 'App' functionality.

Provided the Tenant keeps their account current, Service remains month-to-month and she can terminate anytime w/1 month's advance notice.

Tenants should contact their management office for additional details.

**The System is procured by SimpliSafe whereas Service is directly provided by SimpliSafe and/or with its vendors & affiliates. Rithy Properties is not affiliated with SimpliSafe and assumes no related responsibility.
**For security purposes, Rithy Properties' Field Supervisor and Office Associates will also have access to the system's reporting information. Also, for the same reasons, the Property Manager retains access to the system's reporting information & controlling functionality.