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School Song - Follow on Ruamrudee

Follow on, Ruamrudee!

                                                    Follow on, all the world's waiting for you.
                                                    Follow on, all the saints seem to say.
                                                    Follow on, Ruamrudee, you're the future,
                                                    Giving hope to those who falter on the way.

                                                    Follow on, "to the stars" is your motto.
                                                    Honest, kind, respectful, serving all.
                                                    Ever striving to give the best that's in you.
                                                    For God and country rising to the call.

                                                    Marching on, leading on, Ruamrudians
                                                    Courage high, meeting all that yet may be.
                                                    Shining forth your light and inspirations,
                                                    You're the Union of Hearts, Ruamrudee.


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PK 2-1 Ms. Nush
PK 3-1 Ms. Lauren
PK 3-2 Ms. Jacqui
PK 4-1 Ms. Kyleigh
PK 4-2 Ms. Callie


KG 1 Ms. Jen
KG 2 Ms. Christine

Grade 1

1-1 Ms. Alison
1-2 Ms. Kelly

Grade 2

2-1 Ms. Supen
2-2 Ms. Bryana
2-3 Ms. Jennie

Grade 3

3-1 Ms. Sandra
3-2 Ms. Beatriz
3-3 Ms. Jessica

Grade 4

4-1 Ms. Brianne
4-2 Ms. Nicole
4-3 Ms. Katie

Grade 5

5-1 Ms. Suzie
5-2 Mr. Jeff
5-3 Ms. Jennifer
5-4 Mr. Evan

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