3 Day Challenge trailer


If you want to experience real transformation, body, mind and spirit, I invite you to join me on this journey.

My goal is to help MEN become the God-created warriors they were meant to be.

I have prepared sixteen 3-day challenges in this simple web format.  During the challenge you will be asked to:

  • Watch a daily encouragement video.
  • Read a passage of Scripture.
  • Complete several self-chosen activities as a part of your daily Action Plan.
  • Check in with and encourage your training partner.

Will you commit to ONE 3-day challenge and see how God will transform your life?

What is required?

  • Complete a 30-question survey to gauge your overall health, body, mind and spirit.
  • Make a 3-day commitment to the challenge with a training partner.
  • Watch and respond to the daily challenge.
  • Create an action plan to measure your growth, body, mind and spirit.

Trust the Coach and the Process

Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans.”

I believe in just 3 days you will begin to witness transformational life-focus and change.

Why? In just 3 days Jesus Christ conquered hell. He has the power and authority to do the same in your life. Becoming a champion in the ultimate fight means becoming tougher than hell.

Are you ready to stop being a spectator and experience a transformed life?

Join me and engage in the Ultimate Fight!

“I’m going to give you the tools for you to begin to take responsibility for your health, your faith and the direction of your life. Grab a partner and let’s go!”
~ Dan Russell