Welcome to RISD!

On this page you will find information about the various computing services and resources available to students at RISD.

RISD Account

RISD Account Diagram

RISD Account Diagram

The RISD Account refers to the single username and 
password that provides students, faculty and staff access to computing services and resources such as E-mail, Web Advisor, Network Resources, RISD Secure Wireless, RISD Intranet, and much more.   

RISD Account password expires every six months. There is a password expiration notification utility in place to notify users by e-mail 15 days, 5 days and 1 day prior to the expiration date.  You may visit the self servicing change password page to set a new password before it expires.

Password Change Service | pwchange.risd.edu*
This service gives everyone the ability to change his/her own RISD Account password using their current password.  On your first visit we suggest enrolling in the Reset Password service by selecting your security question and answer which will allow you to reset a forgotten password or a password that is no longer working.

RISD Email | mail.risd.edu*
RISD uses Google Apps for Education. Use your RISD Account username and password to access RISD Gmail. RISD has deemed E-mail the preferred method of contact therefore it is important that you check your RISD Gmail often.  Visit our risd|gae website for information about Google Apps.

Google Apps for Education | gae.risd.edu
Visit gae.risd.edu to find information about RISD’s Google Apps for Education (Email, Calendar, Drive, and Sites) including video demonstrations, configuration instructions, and FAQs regarding a wide range of RISD-ized Google topics.

Web Advisor | wa.risd.edu*
WebAdvisor is where students can register for classes, dining plans, check your schedule, transcripts, grades, financial aid, and update your RISD!Alert emergency contact information. Use your RISD Account username and password to access Web Advisor.  

RISD!Alert is an emergency notification system. This system will allow RISD to distribute time-sensitive information quickly to faculty, staff, and students by means of broadcast telephone, e-mail, and text messaging.

Network Resources
RISD students are assigned 1 GB of network space on a server for storing files and/or web pages.  Your network space is secure and backed up every evening.  Use your RISD Account username and password to access your Network File Storage/ Web Space. For more information visit Network Resources*.

Campus Networking
Around campus RISD has a Secure Wireless network which uses your RISD Account username and password for authentication.  For more information visit RISD's Wireless Networks* and the Campus Wireless Map*.

RISD.EDU | www.risd.edu / RISD Blog | our.risd.edu / RISD Intranet | intranet.risd.edu
RISD has a handful of sites for information on many computing resources, academic resources, campus directory, library, public safety information, campus classifieds, discussion forums, campus calendar, campus map, etc. Use your RISD Account username and password to access the RISD Intranet.

*Link requires RISD Account for authentication.