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Success stories

We try to build bridges among people and encourage science and technology in many corners of the world.  As part of our special programs and outreach we have a RISAT Fellowship Program which support 4-5 students every year to come and attend PhD studies in a US university.  To make sure that such students succeed we offer one year of training and courses as part of RISAT.  

For the Fall 2011 the following students of RISAT are accepted to the PhD Mathematics program at Oakland University.  Our intention is to support 5 students every year. Applications are open year around.   For more information on this program and the requirements to get accepted please click here

Belinda Hasanaj

Belinda Hasanaj graduated from University of Vlora in Mathematics. She got involved with projects at RISAT during her last year of studies at the University of Vlora.  

In September 2012, Belinda started her Master's Degree in Computational Mathematics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh supported by an NSF fellowship. 

Dorina Hoxhaj

Dorina is continuing her PhD studies at Oakland University in mathematics. 

Jezerca Hodaj

Jezerca graduated from the University of Vlora in 2011 with a degree in Mathematics. Since then she has been a member of RISAT.  

In the Fall 2012, Jezerca enrolled at the Michigan Technological University to work on a PhD in Mathematics in the area of Coding  and Designs. 

Valmira Hoxha

Valmira is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Oakland University where she is pursuing a PhD degree.   .   

Lubjana Beshaj

Lubjana is pursuing a PhD degree in Mathematics at Oakland University.  She has already published several papers and given a few talks.  

In the AMS meeting at Salt Lake City, in October 2011, she was been invited to give a talk on Vanishing thetanulls of genus 3 non-hyperelliptic curves.  She spent the Summer 2012 in the Clay Summer Institute in Austria.

Ervisa Kosova

Ervisa is a  PhD student in Mathematics  in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Oakland University. 

This could be you ...

Applications to participate on the RISAT Fellowship Program for PhD studies are open all year.   There is no application fee.

For information on how to apply to our Fellowship program and the requirements click here.