Applications of Computer Algebra,

June 24-27,

Vlora, Albania.

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Conference Website: ACA 2010 (for registration and abstract submission only)

Scope: The ACA series of conferences is devoted to promoting all manner of computer algebra applications, and encouraging the interaction of developers of computer algebra systems and packages with researchers and users (including scientists, engineers, educators, etc.). Topics include, but are not limited to, computer algebra in the sciences, engineering, medicine, pure and applied mathematics, education and computer science.

Meeting Format: The meeting will be run in the standard format where individuals are invited to organize a special session. Individuals can propose a special session by contacting the program chair. All talk submissions must be directed to an organizer of an appropriate special session.

Venue: Located in the Bay of Vlora, the University of Vlora is easily accessible to the millions of people who come to Vlora every year to visit the city, the main touristic destination in Albania. Recognized as Albania's leading research university, the University of Vlora offers an ideal place for conferences and research activities.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences and Engineering at the University of Vlora is the leading research institution in Albania and offers graduate programs in the sciences and engineering. Master programs are offered through all departments as well as PhD programs in Mathematics, Computational Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Physics. The Faculty has around 500 graduate students and around 3000 undergraduates.

General Chairs:

  • Tanush Shaska

  • Ervin Ruci

  • Eustrat Zhupa

Program Chairs:

  • Jacques Calmet

  • Alkis Akritas

  • Michael Wester

Local Organizers:

  • Lubjana Beshaj

  • Silvana Mico

  • Rezart Muco

  • Ermal Xhelilaj


University of Vlora

Albanian Mathematical Society