• Air Monitoring Programs
    Asbestos Related Consulting
    Lead Related Consulting
    Chemical and Physical Hazards Evaluation and Monitoring
    Chemical Hygiene
    Confined Spaces
    Hazard Communication
    Hazardous Materials Management
    Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
    Health & Safety Training
    Health and Safety Compliance Auditing
    Health and Safety Plans
    Indoor Environmental Air Quality (IEAQ/IAQ) Evaluations
    Mold and Bioaerosol Assessments
    Noise Measurement, Surveys and Personal Monitoring
    Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories
    Personal Protective Equipment Evaluations
    Policy and Procedure Development
    Respiratory Protection Programs
    Ventilation Assessment

    Environmental Consulting

  • Environmental Due Diligence
    Related Consulting
    NEPA-related consulting
    RCRA, NPDES Permitting
    Hydrogeologic Studies
    Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS)
    Remedial Design & Oversight
    CERCLA/RCRA Work Plans
    Regulatory Compliance Audits
    Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal
    Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank Services
    Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD) Related Consulting


    Property Boundary
    ALTA / GIS
    Construction Lay-out
    Laser Scanning / DRONE

    Construction Engineering

    Resident Engineering Oversight Services
    Construction Inspection Services
    Construction Materials Investigation and Evaluation
    Adjacent Property Coordination
    Access Control
    Staged Maintenance of Traffic
    Materials and Construction Documentation
    Construction Layout
    Pre- and Post-Construction Survey
    Design Modifications
    Contractor Pay Estimates
    Final Measurements and Calculations
    Monitor Contract Records
    Quality Control/Quality Assurance

    Civil Engineering

  • Horizontal & Vertical Geometric
    Grading and Earthwork
    Identification of Material Re-Use
    Stormwater/Combined Sewer Drainage Design
    Detention/Retention Systems
    Sanitary Sewer Design
    Water Main Design
    Permeable Pavement Design
    Intersection Design Studies ands Plans
    Pavement Marking Designs
    Pedestrian Movement and ADA Designs
    Peer Reviews
    Construction Cost Estimating
    Technical Specifications
    CADD/Drafting Services

    Job creation local and state partnerships

    Public housing workforce Board of Estimates


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