Specializing in Construction Site Layout, 
Residential and Commercial Land Development Services

Proudly serving the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area RIQ, LLC is a progressive, multi-disciplinary engineering firm providing professional services, public works, land development, and land use in order to improve the environment. 

RIQ, LLC is a veteran owned company providing excellent public service for many years. This company has established validity in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Land Surveying, Geographic Information Systems, and Global Positioning Systems. RIQ, LLC provides these services to local clients in the private sector, as well as state government agencies and military installations. The licensed company is planning to expand its territory beyond the DMV area

  • Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services

We're 100% committed to giving each organization an exceptional, client-centered experience that delivers the best results. Our ability to exceeds the expectations stems from our internal mandate to provide a deeper level of attention and service and from our determination to achieve the desired outcome.

What Makes Us Unique

RIQ LLC is also a networking consulting agency. We network you with the best contractors to get the jobs done we don't touch. We have a referral program that delivers 100% satisfaction; so even if we can't get the job done we will network you with who can. We want to give you a chance to do your due diligence and then contact us. RIQ LLC delivers service you can trust and a professional attitude to compliment the benefits of this unique engineering and consulting engagement. We don't look to just provide service you can trust we build relationships you can trust that built for business success.