Weekly Updates

Good morning 5S Parents,                                       Weekly Update 5-29-15


EARTH SYSTEMS – Students have completed their research, and they have also put the finishing touches on their Earth Systems 3-D model.  They will be presenting them with their groups today.  Most groups have shown excellent collaboration on this final project of their Quest career.  They will present to other Quest students next week, so they should practice their portion of their group presentation over the weekend. 


LANGUAGE ARTS – Students have continued to practice writing an effective thank you as well as their proper keyboarding skills.    Also, they spent a lot of time researching for their Earth Systems 3-D model project. 


MATH–Students are moving quickly through chapter 8, “Measurement and Geometry.”   It has been challenging for some students.  They may be sharing an acronym with you to remember the metric units: King Henry Doesn’t Usually Drink Chocolate Milk (for kilo; hector; deka; unit; deci, centi, milli).  They are to convert units in standard measurement as well.  Please feel free to review (i.e. how many cups in a pint; how many pints in a quart, how many inches in a foot, etc.). 


SPELLING – Today is the last spelling test of the year.    


ABRAHAM LINCOLN IMPERSONATOR VISIT – Today, an Abraham Lincoln impersonator is presenting to all the Quest/Murray Park students.  Ask your child how s/he behaved and what s/he learned. 


FIELD DAY VOLUNTEERS WANTED – Mrs. Carly Mancl is coordinating the Field Day on the last day of school this year, and she is asking for your help!  You should received a note home Thursday about this.  Help is needed from 8:00-11:15 am.  Can you help the whole time?  Can you help set up from 8-8:45?  Can you help for part of the morning? Can you help set up and/or take down jumping castles (very heavy – need several, strong volunteers)?  Please contact Mrs. Mancl by Monday at 748-3912 or themancls@gmail.com to help make your child’s last day of elementary school a memorable one.  Thanks!


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TREATS WELCOME – Students are voting today which movie they’d like to watch on the last day of school.  Treats/beverages are welcome.  Thank you. 


FAMILY FUN NIGHT -Thanks to those of you who were able to attend your child’s last elementary Family Fun Night!  A special thanks to those who were able to volunteer. 


MEMORY BOOKS WERE DISTRIBUTED YESTERDAY There are 16 books the company will send for $10 + shipping/handling if someone didn't order a Memory Book and would like one.   Parents would need to contact Paula Sauter 262-677-8662 or paula@networkphoto.net


FROM MRS. ZAHN IN THE CAFETERIA:  LUNCH NEXT WEEK FROM MRS. ZAHN IN THE KITCHEN:  Monday - Thursday ONLY  the students will have two (2) options:  RED card entree will be the main as usual; YELLOW card entree will only be Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches. NO BLUE CARD ENTREE!  On picnic day Friday, the only options will be the main: Hot dog on a bun.  No yellow or blue.  Please plan accordingly.  Thank you. 

GOODBYE TUNNEL – As has become tradition, the 5th graders will walk through a human tunnel of their 3rd & 4th grade peers on the last day of their elementary career around 2:55 PM. 


PLANT CUPS – Thank you if you were able to buy your child’s Quest plants.  There are still quit a few available if you’d like to stop by during school hours, we would happily sell you some.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO RINSE AND RETURN ALL CUPS FOR US TO RE-USE THEM NEXT YEAR.  THANKS SO MUCH!





FRENCH ADVENTURE TRIP TO FRANCE – June 11-28 (Marci, Kai, & Jules)

SUMMER SCHOOL – June 15-July 15 (no Summer School July 2 or 3)



Please remember to sign your child's planner each night, and let ME know if you have any questions or concerns.




Mrs. Simacek